If you are reading this…

You better have voted, or be on your way to vote. Or else forfeit all bitching rights 🙂


Canadian readers, you are off the hook. And you done good last time. #JustinTrudeau

When I was a child, there were many who had the idea that a girl could grow up to be President. Harder to believe for the younger generation, when I was a child, many had the idea that growing up to be President was a GOOD thing, instead of “You’d have to be insane.”

Now that @HillaryClinton won #DixvilleNotch NH 4-2, waiting for @realDonaldTrump to say he’ll be building a wall & town will pay for it.

Americans are voting today.   Canadian consulates in U.S. wondering whether they should disconnect phones tomorrow for possible immigration questions

If Hillary wins we can move on to the really important stuff: Like what will Bill wear to inaugural & will his outfit go to the Smithsonian?


Hard to believe all polls will be closed & #Election2016 will be over in 24 hours. #ElectionCountdown for 2020 starts Wednesday

KellyAnne Conway, being questioned on Trump’s lack of charitable giving, responded that he is “somebody who has made such a tremendous sacrifice to run for president ― basically, a huge sacrifice ― didn’t need the money, didn’t need the fame, didn’t need the power, didn’t need the status. ”
And just think, since he announced, of all the grabbing Trump hasn’t been able to do….

Now @realDonaldTrump says #TomBrady & #BillBelichick have endorsed him. For those who needed any more reason to hate the #Patriots.

Donald Trump Monday mocked Jay Z and Beyonce’s performance of hip-hop music “The language is so bad and as they were singing — singing right? Was it talking or singing?”
Well, to be fair, there probably were at least a few African-American voters the Donald hadn’t offended yet.

So now that @realDonaldTrump’s aides have taken away control of his #Tiwtter account, what does the Donald do at 3am?

RIP Janet Reno. Some in the GOP can’t decide, should they attack Hillary now for any and all mistakes Reno made as Bill’s AG, or should they accuse the Clintons of having Janet killed because she knew too much?

A five-foot snake who somehow ended up in an overhead compartment on an AeroMexico flight to Mexico City got out and slithered down to some seats. No injuries. But it’s not enough that we have an election that has become a bad movie, now it’s airplane flights too?

Dallas Cowboys owner-GM Jerry Jones said “we don’t have any issues” over the latest domestic violence allegations involving star rookie Ezekiel Elliott.  “I’m shocked,” said nobody who remembers Dez Bryant and Greg Hardy.


Heard one of the SF 49ers this morning complaining that teams are now circling games against them on the calendar. Well, the team now has something in common with the Warriors, albeit for a different reason.

And if you didn’t already love Gregg Popovich, a little election diversion :http://ftw.usatoday.com/2016/11/gregg-popovich-tim-duncan-spurs-love



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5 Comments on “If you are reading this…”

  1. marc ragovin Says:

    Overheard following the Seahawks/Bills game. “What a disgrace,” said the referees of the 1972 Oiympics Basketball game


    We are ready in Canada

  3. Miriam Rotman Says:

    Tomorrow you should just post a blank page.
    No jokes can make the election results palatable

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