Not over.

There have only been 5 teams in MLB history to have come back from 3-1 World Series deficits. All of them more recent World Series wins than the Chicago Cubs.

So how long until they sell t-shirts at #WrigleyField “Wait until next century”? #Cubs #WorldSeries

Corey Kluber, the latest member to the “Pitchers Who Rake” club.  Well, kinda sorta. (infield hit)  Somewhere #Madbum is smiling.

Maybe  Jose Fernandez toxicology report, showing he was legally drunk, and with cocaine in his system, will be  cautionary tale for young men who think they’re invincible?  For about five minutes. But we can dream.

NC Governor Pat McCory, in a tough re-election fight against Democrat Roy Cooper, is tired of questions about House Bill 2, the anti-LBGT law he signed. In an ad decrying political correctness McCory asks “Are we really talking about this?”
Maybe the question should be “Did you really sign this?”

Donald Trump today over Comey’s email announcement “This is the lowest point in the history of our country.” Uh, Donald, with your campaign it wasn’t even the lowest point this week.

When FBI said there would be  no charges over #Clinton emails, #GOP claimed Comey was a secret Democrat.  After Friday’s letter the GOP is pretending Comey’s  not Republican


Who knows what James #Comey‘s 2017 plans are, but now pretty sure they didn’t include staying #FBI director in a #Clinton administration.

New #GirlScoutCookie #thinmints cereal debuts in January. In the meantime, just put cookies in a bowl and pour milk over them.
Saturday was  #NationalCatDay. And cats are sniffing “EVERY day is national cat day.”

Half a show and an evening performance of the New York Metropolitan Opera was cancelled today after a suspicious powder was sprinkled into the orchestra pit. Apparently the powder may have been human ashes. Hope some guy didn’t tell his wife he’d have to be dead before he’d go to another opera.

An Iowa woman has been arrested for voting twice in the general election. Police said Terri Rote cast an early ballot at the election office and another at a satellite location. In a radio interview, Rote said she first voted for Trump, then worried the ballot would be changed to a Clinton vote. “”I wasn’t planning on doing it twice – it was spur-of-the-moment.The polls are rigged.”
“The polls are rigged? So will the Donald tell supporters to vote as often as possible to combat them? #youcantmakethisstuffup

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    go trump

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