The heart of Rock and Roll?

Still beating, in Cleveland?


Cleveland Cavaliers are champions.. Indians looking good. But God telling Browns fans –  “Sorry, above my pay grade.”

For SF Giants fans going through withdrawal, Blue Jays had  a RISP in each of 1st 4 innings, without scoring. #seenthisscriptbefore


Cleveland pitcher Trevor Bauer had his Game 2 ALCS start pushed back to Game 3 because he cut his pinkie finger repairing a propeller on one of his drones.
SF Giants fans are thinking “Has he been hanging out with Jeremy Affeldt?”

New potential slogan for #Blackberry: Our phones may be outdated but at least they don’t blow up?

Curt Schilling, defending Donald Trump’s comment about the 10-year-old girl – “If intimating a young lady will grow up to be stunningly beautiful = child molestation you’re liberal and voting for a scumbag.”
Uh, Curt, that’s not what Trump said. He said “Can you believe I’m going to be dating her in 10 years.” Put a bloody sock in it.

United Airlines computer glitches last night cancelled some flights and delayed others for hours. Who needs hackers when you have aging technology and incompetence?

Go figure: A roundtrip ticket San Francisco to Denver on United is 219.20. Extra legroom seats add $159.00. How long until people start just booking a second seat?

#Obama has lifted restrictions on bringing #Cuban cigars & rum back into US. Who says there’s no bipartisan agreement anymore?


Fox’s Lou Dobbs has apologized after claiming Jessica Leeds, one of the women accusing Trump of groping her, had the same phone number as the Clinton Foundation, and then tweeting her phone number and address to his almost 800,00 followers.
If MSNBC had tweeted the address and phone number of a Trump supporter, the GOP would be calling for a Congressional investigation.

Now Donald Trump has insulted a Kardashian, Khloe, calling her a “fat piglet.” Pass the popcorn & make it a large.

Ben Carson, still defending Trump, said today on Morning Joke, that before nations topple, they “take their eye off the ball, start engaging in things that really don’t matter that much — not that sexual language and abuse is not important, but when you’re talking about the train going off the cliff you really need to deal with that first.”

Well, unless of course you’re talking about the husband of the Democrat nominee, then those things are critical.

Got it, so all Trump’s accusers are liars, all Bill Clinton’s accusers are saints. Especially as  Bill was caught bragging on tape… Wait. never mind

Trump today on Hillary Clinton “The other day I’m standing at my podium and she walks in front of me, right? She walks in front of me and when she walked in front of me. Believe me, I wasn’t impressed.”
So let’s see, Hillary is qualified to be leader of the free world, but not attractive enough for him to hit on?


With the tone of this election President Obama @POTUS is likely to be the most popular President EVER on day before January’s inaugural.



Who knew that @realDonaldTrump was probably looking at #BillCosby and thinking “amateur.”


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3 Comments on “The heart of Rock and Roll?”

  1. TC in BC Says:

    posted to SFGate:

    “The election is being rigged by corrupt media pushing completely false allegations and outright lies in an effort to elect her president,” says Donald.

    Mr. Trump: May I suggest you quit complaining/bitching and campaigning then. You should spend your valuable time where it’s desperately needed – such as at a beauty pageant somewhere that requires you to check out the contestants in their dressing rooms.

    I should have mentioned that the contestants bring their puddytats.

  2. TC in BC Says:

    Kap will be on his knees for the anthem, and I think the Ryan Bros will have him on his ass for the entire game. lol

    Even we Canadians stand in respect for The Stars and Stripes! And our US friends stand when they play OCanada!

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