Should have pinch hit Mad Bum?

After that 1-0 loss.


But okay SFGiants are going with 12 pitchers & only 13 position players for  NLDS with Cubs. not counting Bumgarner.


One of MLB’s problems is that baseball has become a much more regional game, with fans often having not experience watching teams (except for the Red Sox and Yankees), outside their area.
But hey, several playoff series are a way to remedy that before the World Series. Except that most games are only on cable and often on weird channels that fans can’t find or don’t have. Not to mention that hotels often don’t have MLB.TV and FS1 etc… #areyoulisteningCommissionerManfred?

#BlueJays looking good. Stunning long time sports fans in Toronto, who with #MapleLeafs are not used to see a team winning in October.


I get that #goodpitchingbeatsgoodhitting. But which experts figured #Cleveland had good pitching. Really good pitching. #ALDS

So is this the year that God decides to send Cleveland sports fans an apology bouquet for being in Cleveland?

So far the  Texas Rangers are looking so disappointing in post season you have to wonder if Tony Romo is is involved.

A new poll in Ohio found that nearly 2/3 of state residents believe that Ohio State could beat the Cleveland Browns. Really? Not even sure the Buckeyes this year can beat Michigan. #Harbaugh #MGoBlue

Many people consider Hillary Clinton, while intelligent, to ambitious, Machiavellian and only out for herself. Okay, but if you agree on those points, doesn’t it follow that she would use those traits to try to leave a legacy as the best President ever?

Donald Trump today on illegal immigration: “They’re letting people pour into the country so they can go and vote.”
Okay., so for when he loses in November, sounds like Trump is already putting together a list of why the election is rigged.


There is a sense sometimes that if you attack Donald Trump it means you are a complete Hillary apologist. Not so. Clinton is a LONG way from perfect, and there are many things I wish she had done differently. But there is a difference between being wrong about some things and being bat-shit crazy. (and a sexist pig into the bargain.) #Thatisall #Fornow

Not sure what to make of today’s @realDonaldTrump lewd video. Except no doubt it will be spun by GOP as somehow @HillaryClintons fault.

Who knew @realDonaldTrump was such a fan of women and cats? He was talking about cats right?

#Trump‘s daughters must be so proud.





Trump says he has “said some foolish things, but there’s a big difference between the words and actions of other people. Bill Clinton has actually abused women.” So all that kissing and grabbing and groping was just good fun, and not abuse?

While no one is really shocked that #Trump can be a pig about women, USA today formally accused Russia of hacking to influence election. #priorities

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One Comment on “Should have pinch hit Mad Bum?”

  1. TC in BC Says:

    So POTUS = Pigpresident Of The United States????

    Cats…. too funny Janice… lmao

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