That guy

Donald Trump is acting like the drunk guy in the sports bar who can’t stand when a woman knows more about sports than he does.


“I have a much better temperament than she does.” That did it for everyone who said they weren’t going to drink on a week night.

Donald Trump blowing a gasket as he talks about having a much better temperament. #Youcannotmakethisstuffup

Nor this “My father only gave me a very small loan.” Right, only $1 million.


Thinking after tonight that the #2016presidentialelection may have the biggest gender gap in history. #womenallhaveknownthatasshole.

“Yes I did” prepare for the debate. “And I prepared to be President.” Hillary Clinton. #debatenight

Did someone ever teach #Trump that it’s bad manners to interrupt?

“If I don’t get to Pennsylvania Avenue one way…” Trump should tell contractors to start getting penthouse suite at the Washington, D.C. Trump hotel ready for him.

Hillary Clinton: “Implicit bias is a problem for all of us” Sounds like a President to me


“Donald, I know you live in your own reality, but these are the facts.”

“He tried to switch from looks to stamina….” #YougoGirl #HillaryClinton #debatenight


So as expected, a candidate is sniffling & needing to drink water. Clearly we should worry about the health of #DonaldTrump #debatenight

Trump sipping water regularly. He is 70 years old. What is he hiding about his health? #debatenight


Mike Pence says he’s spending “a little bit of time” and doing “a little bit of studying” preparing for next week’s debate. “Little bits?” Is the guy trying to be V.P. or make a college football team.

#Saints defense tonight is worse than #DonaldTrump defending his taxes. #MNF #Debatenight


Today’s mass shooting in Houston apparently left 9 injured and so far only the alleged gunman dead. Police are not releasing his name except to say “he is a lawyer and there were issues concerning his law firm.”
Alright then, can we start profiling all lawyers?

Trump’s tweet yesterday “Five people killed in Washington State by a Middle Eastern immigrant.”
So I am waiting for today’s tweet. “Nine people shot in Texas by an Oklahoma ex-frat boy lawyer.”

Regarding today’s mass shooting in Houston, what color #Skittles are lawyers?

Former Cowboys DE Greg Hardy was arrested again, this time early this morning on a cocaine possession charge in Texas. So congrats to all those who had Sept 26 in the pool.

The Marlins’ Dee Gordon, hit his first home run of the year, after taking a pitch right-handed in honor of #JoseFernandez “”I told the boys if I don’t believe in God, I might as well start. I never hit a ball that far, even in BP.”

and leaving snark aside, really lovely. Well played Marlins, sadly well played.

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