Long ago, and oh so far away…

The Dodgers honored Vin Scully and his 67 years of broadcasting last night. 67 years?! Wow. That almost goes back to Jamie Moyer’s rookie season


After 38-35 loss in South Bend to Duke, Notre Dame coach Brian Kelly said “every position will be evaluated.” Including his own?


So Stanford coach David Shaw was just toying with Stanford fans and hiding his real offensive plan against UCLA until 2 minutes left in 4th quarter? 

The Phillies took a 10-0 lead, and hung on for a 10-8 win against the Mets. The Giants took a 6-0 lead and needed extra innings to beat the Padres. Another installment in “Who really doesn’t want to be a Wild Card.”


If manic depression sponsored a baseball team it would be the 2016 SF Giants

And for those who think Americans deciding “Who do we hate least?” is confined to politics, Duke just upset Notre Dame in college football.

USC led by 10 points early in the fourth quarter and lost to Utah Friday night. So what’s with the Trojans? Have they given up now that the Rams have brought real pro football back to Los Angeles?


Kent State got $1.5 million for playing Alabama today. But heaven help the football players if they get back home and boosters try to buy them dinner and/or a beer to drown their sorrows. #whatswrongwiththispicture?

#NYTimes endorsed #HillaryClinton. Presumably next to the headline “Water is wet.”

Donald Trump has invited Gennifer Flowers to the first debate. Because the Donald didn’t have enough seats for all his ex-lovers and wives?

Some Hillary haters are trying to spin her and Bill Clinton’s having attended Trump’s latest wedding as another sign of her duplicity. But don’t we all have friends and acquaintances we might hang out with on occasion, but who we wouldn’t want running our neighborhood association let alone the country


Last week’s mall attack, 10 people attacked, only fatality was the suspect. Friday night, five dead. This is not the “well-regulated militia” our founding fathers had in mind.

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