After midnight

Worst thing for Diamondbacks fans who showed up to see their team lose to SF Giants in 12 innings… many of them had bought tickets because of the postgame fireworks show.


Best thing about using #Twitter as a sports bar is when a #SFGiants game really drives you to drink there’s no need to drive home.


Yeah, we all knew in July ‘ playoff chances might be saved in Sept. by a win from & save from leftfielder .

 On a lighter note for #SFGiants, Joe #Nathan is awfully cute. Especially when he smiles.


Insanity: Doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. #Bochy #SFGiants #Casilla #WTF?

Does #Casilla have naked pictures of #Bochy somewhere? Asking for a friend. #SFGiants.


How the SF Giants can make playoffs: Samardzija played football at Notre Dame. Next time Casilla heads to mound, the Shark tackles him.

Just wondering, If Peyton Manning were still playing, think officials might have called it a little differently if he took same helmet to helmet hits as Cam Newton in last night’s NFL opener?

#CharlestonSouthern suspends 14 players for using some scholarship $$ in bookstore for stuff other than books. SEC players “What are books?”

Jerry Jones has a fancy new helicopter with Cowboys logo on it, mostly to use to get him to and from games without traffic. But Jones told a Dallas News reporter “You can shoot out of it. You can shoot pigs out of it. You can do a lot of things in this helicopter.”
Ah yes, just another example about why the Cowboys franchise is so “beloved” outside of Dallas.

The University of Alabama gave offensive coordinator Lane Kiffin a raise to $1.4 million. The President of the University makes under $700,000 a year. Talk about offensive.

Got to wonder, of the 5,300 Wells Fargo employees who were fired for illegally creating extra accounts for customers, how many of them were bank executives who pushed or oversaw the sales program? #sarcasm

Donald Trump said in an call-in interview with Larry King that’s it’s “probably unlikely” that Russia is trying to influence the U.S. election. The interview was for RT America, part of Russia Today, which is Russian state TV. (Trump said he didn’t know that at the time.)

Some slam Hillary for being a conservative Goldwater girl in 1964. 1964?! Heck, by the 1990s, even Goldwater himself had become liberal on many issues.

John Kerry just announced the U.S. and Russia have reached a agreement on Syria, and a cease-fire is to begin Monday. #IblameObama

In claiming to have always opposed the Iraq War, Donald Trump is using the “if you tell a lie enough times people will believe it” strategy.
You know, like “til death do us part.”

Politico posting a memo from Andy Lack, chairman of NBC News and MSNBC about last night’s forum: “”Matt(Lauer) did a tremendous job — driving one of the most serious discussions to date on these topics.”
“Lack” as in “lack of a clue?” #WTF?

Trump railing against Hillary at a rally “She’s being so protected. She could walk into this arena right now and shoot somebody with 20,000 people watching, right smack in the middle of the heart and she wouldn’t be prosecuted, OK?”
Is the Donald volunteering to test that theory?


From Alex Kaseberg:  “Tim Tebow signed with the New York Mets. The Mets are excited. They’ve never had a player throw an interception before.”

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One Comment on “After midnight”

  1. Dennis Mar Says:

    Barry Goldwater’s wife Peggy was a co-founder of Planned Parenthood of Central and Northern Arizona. He pushed for the desegregation of the Arizona Air National Guard two years before Truman’s executive order. Goldwater might have been a Libertarian today.

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