The heat is almost on?

On Wednesday. San Francisco’s temperature will reach above 70 degrees for 1st time in 7 weeks. So the city’s been as cold as #SFGIants offense.


Hard on SF Giants fans to watch Casilla coming in tonight. On the other hand, a nice surprise to enter the 9th with a lead.


Open note to Bruce Bochy. If the SF Giants make postseason, good hitters on playoff teams don’t miss a Casilla  hanging curve ball.


Bad enough when #SFGiants aren’t hitting their weight. But when as a team they aren’t hitting MY weight….

ESPN says #SF49ers hold 2016 distinction of being worst team in #NFL. And #ClevelandBrowns are thinking “Who are we, chopped liver?

Reportedly #GeorgeZimmerman is broke & homeless. If he changed his plea to guilty maybe #Florida could take care of the homeless problem. Maybe for 15 years to life?

#TaylorSwift & #TomHiddleston have announced their “amicable” break up. So congrats to all those who had Sept 6 in the pool.

Got to wonder about targeted advertising when I get an ad saying “American Pride,” with underneath “Sign up” from the Trump campaign. On the other hand, just imagine what new material for comedy writing I could get.


CNN headline “Troy Aikman’s not fond of Skip Bayless,” Uh, wouldn’t it be more newsworthy if they found someone who WAS fond of Skip Bayless?

#Texas is actually ranked for 1st time in the Charlie Strong era. So are #Longhorns that good, or are #NotreDame #FightingIrish that bad?

Greta Van Susteren announced she is leaving Fox News on the same day the network announced a $20 million settlement and apology for Gretchen Carlson. Some rumors that Greta is leaving over a financial disagreement. Which would make sense, that $20 million probably means fewer raises for everyone else.

So yeah, I get it, the media has to occupy their time. But all these changing “national poll results” they like to hype… with the electoral college national votes don’t mean a rat’s ass. Just ask President Al Gore.

The Harvard Republican Club has refused to endorse Trump, the first time they have not backed the GOP nominee since 1888.  This time, however,  John McCain didn’t beg them to change their mind.

Ben Carson said “it would be a good idea” if Donald Trump apologized for being a part of the birther conspiracy. “Let’s get all of the, you know, the hate and rancor out of the way so that we can actually discuss the issues.”
Uh, except that in large part, “hate and rancor” ARE Trump’s issues.

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