Two no trump

Donald Trump is already complaining about the Presidential Debate Schedule being rigged.  (It was set in fall of 2015.) The Donald says two debates Tcompete with “major NFL games”. Uh, the first debate is Monday, Sept 26. Competes with MNF Falcons and Saints. OK, I’m an actual New Orleans fan who adores  Drew Brees, but have to think “major NFL game?”

(just guessing New Orleans Atlanta might be the lowest rated NFL game of the season outside Louisiana and Georgia.)


So Trump claimed the NFL had sent him a letter complaining about the Debate schedule. The league issued a statement “while we obviously wish the Debate Commission could find another night, we did not send a letter to Mr Trump.”
Has the Donald figured, whatever else you do in the world, do not mess with the NFL? ‪#‎dumbDonald‬



Would ‪#‎TomBrady‬ like to advise @realDonaldTrump on how well it works when you lie and involve the @NFL?


Giants won today with a come from behind win against Nationals.  Fans knew it had to get better. At least we knew the @SFGiants can’t hit into a quadruple play today.

#‎SFGiants‬ had best record in ‪#‎MLB‬ before All-Star break, worst record since break. Forget players, how do ‪#‎Giants‬ trade for more smoke & mirrors


So apparently ‪#‎PokemonGO‬ isn’t available in Rio. Forget Zika, crime, pollution, sewage & substandard facilities, this is serious. ‪#‎Olympics‬

Is ‪#‎Trump‬‘s attack on the family of a fallen Muslim soldier enough that even John McCain says “f*ck it, I’m voting for @HillaryClinton?

#‎Netflix‬ was down in the US and around the world Saturday night. Hope their customer service people didn’t just tell angry callers to chill.

Netflix was down in 13 countries tonight, including the U.S. The horror. On a Saturday night, billions of people were forced to talk to each other.


So what are the odds ‪#‎DumbDonald‬ becomes @realDonaldTrump’s Secret Service code name?

‪#‎TrumpSacrifices‬ – Having to forgo trading wife #3 in for a new model. Melania is 46 now, past normal ‪#‎Trump‬ wife sell-by-date.

From T.C.  Melania Trump’s website has been deleted. Followers believe it will be up and running as soon as is she is able to figure out how to plagiarize Hillary’s speech from Thursday night


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3 Comments on “Two no trump”

  1. TC in BC Says:

    Sign that I’m bringing to ATT&T Park. Hunter Pence has read The Constitution!!!!

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