Well, the Donald has gotten enough delegates for the GOP nomination.

And now the media is reporting that Newt Gingrich (?!) is on the list of potential running mates for Donald Trump. If this keeps up ‪#‎theOnion‬ will be out of business. ‪#‎satirecantkeepupwithreality‬


Heard radio pundit describe #‎WesternConferenceFinals‬ Game 5 as “must win” for ‪#‎Warriors‬. Considering ‪#‎Thunder‬ are up 3-1, yep, he was right.

Game six too…

A new marijuana-friendly gym will open in San Francisco. It will be the first gym where users can use the treadmill and eat Doritos at the same time?

Baylor has now fired football coach Art Briles in the midst of sexual assault allegations involving players. Well, now we’re getting serious. Firing the university president is one thing, firing a successful coach who took them to six straight bowl games…..

The mess at ‪#‎Baylor‬ proves once again the danger of allowing heterosexuals to play football.

A potential ‪#‎BernieTrumpDebate‬? Is there a room big enough to contain two egos that yuge?


So it’s really possible we might have a ‪#‎Trump‬ ‪#‎Gingrich‬ ticket? Perfect. Who better to defend heterosexual family values than two men with six marriages between them?


As the Hillary email saga unfolds no doubt Donald Trump is thinking that this will not be a problem if he is elected President. Because he will have the most amazing email system ever in the White House. It will be beautiful, awesome, and Mexico will pay for it.

Canada’s ambassador to Ireland tackled a protester who interrupted a memorial service for British soldiers today in Dublin. Hmm so, if God forbid, the Donald gets elected maybe Justin Trudeau has found his ambassador to the US who can stand up to Trump.

Congress actually passed a bipartisan bill to strengthen the Toxic Substances Control Act. Hmm, “toxic substances.” Does that include Trump speeches?

Donald Trump said in Business Week that the GOP will become a “worker’s party.” Right, as in everyone in the party will be working for him.

Jimmy Kimmel last night suggested that Trump host a “Celebrity Apprentice” where people compete to be his vice presidential pick. Trump responded “That’s a good idea.” And some fools thought he was joking.


Pittsburgh Penguins hold off the Tampa Bay Lightning to make it to the Stanley Cup flnals against San Jose Sharks. So at least one of the teams in the ice hockey championship comes from a city where they actually have ice.

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