Bless your heart.

On the app “Whisper” Disney employees have shared confessions. including that “Have a magical day” actually means “Go f*ck yourself.”
And millions of southern women are going “Really? How nice.”

Today is the Preakness. Otherwise known for millions of Americans as the two minutes in sports that tells us “So do we care about the Belmont this year?”  #TripleCrown

In off-season workouts, the Pittsburgh Steelers are using with robotic tackling dummies which can simulate NFL players. So are these also the first robots that can get themselves arrested.

Just when you think it can’t get any weirder. Mark Cuban now says he’s “wide open to considering” being Hillary Clinton’s running mate ‪#‎beammeupScottytheresnointelligentlifeonthisplanet‬

After basically dispatching his rivals, Donald Trump has made Hillary Clinton his number one target, referring to her as “Crooked Hillary.” This following “Lyin’ Ted”, “Little Marco,” etc. Is Trump running for President of the U.S. or President of his son’s fifth grade class?

Rough spring for ‪#‎MattHarvey‬. Who knew that the only thing rising about this ‪#‎DarkKnight‬ would be his ERA. ‪#‎Mets‬

Maroon 5 has canceled their upcoming concerts in North Carolina, prompting an angry response from the Governor’s office. Shocking. Not that Gov. McCory wants to lose concert revenue, but that he’s apparently more upset about losing Maroon 5 than Bruce Springsteen.

Oklahoma Gov. Mary Fallin , who is extremely pro-life/anti-choice, nonetheless vetoed a bill today that would have made it a felony for doctors to perform abortion. Falin said it was because the bill was “ambiguous and so vague” But guessing she had million$ of other rea$on$.


A unidentified suspect with a gun who might have been trying to get into the ‪#‎WhiteHouse‬ was shot today. Say, has anyone seen ‪#‎TedCruz‬?

Meanwhile, despite divisions, the GOP appears to be falling more or less in line behind Donald Trump, while the Democratic party appears more fractured than ever. So much for those who thought that at least Ralph Nader would be a teachable moment. ‪#‎whenwillweeverlearn‬


To speed up games, MLB may change the lower part of the strike to the top of the hitter’s knees. Fine, that’s the lower part – anyone remember seeing a strike actually called at the letters though?

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2 Comments on “Bless your heart.”

  1. TC in BC Says:

    On the app “Whisper” Disney employees have shared confessions. including that “Have a magical day” actually means “Go f*ck yourself.”

    Really, I didn’t know that. I remember the clerk at the souvenir shop saying that to me after purchasing some Wallet Disney stuff. Now I have to go back to Orlando to say “Same to you, u Goofy POS” 😉

  2. TC in BC Says:

    Phil Mickelson is planning to change that KPMG hat that he wears to KMPG – Keep My Personal Gains.

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