‪#‎SFGiants‬ offense making a strong bid to be featured on milk cartons.


Would say ‪#‎SFGiants‬ offense was on life-support but based on last few games most doctors would have pulled the plug by now.

Has someone informed ‪#‎SFGiants‬ that you have to score the old-fashioned way to win? Penalty kicks are not an option.

In California, the assembly has advanced a bill that would require all single-stall public restrooms to be gender neutral. So would the toilet seat be required to be left up, or down?

At the Standard Hotel in Manhattan, a man says a woman he had just met went back to his hotel room with him at 4a and ended up stealing a diamond engagement ring.. Well, not sure when the guy was planning to propose, but if his would-be fiancee hears the story, he won’t need the ring anyway.

#‎Curry‬ is 1st NBA unanimous MVP. After last night any voter who’d toyed with putting him 2nd to make a point is probably happy they didn’t.

President Obama signed a bill making the bison the US animal. Makes sense to do it now, with the risk of a Trump presidency the Donald might want to give that title to the furry thing that lives on his head.

Disney stock tumbled 5% because their earnings for for last year were “only” $2.14 billion. ‪#‎whatswrongwiththispicture‬?

#‎McDonalds‬ is testing garlic fries but running out of ingredients. Does that mean we can blame ‪#‎SFGiants‬ for future US garlic shortage?.


Ted Cruz is suggesting he might not be done in 2016 – “We suspended the campaign because I can see no viable path to victory. Of course if that changed we would reconsider things.”
For someone who claims to hear directly from God, you would think he’d pay a bit more attention to God shouting “Ted, give it up already.”

Budweiser has announced that they will change their beer label to read “America” until the 2016 Presidential election. Because thinking of our options makes most Americans want to chug beer?

Royals’ minor leaguer Raul Mondesi, 20, son of the former Dodger etc, has received a reduced suspension of 50 days (instead of 80.) for a steroid, after he showed it came from an over-the-counter supplement. Mondesi “Never did I intend to take a substance that would give me an unfair advantage on the field. It is solely my mistake and there are no excuses for my carelessness in not being fully informed of what I put in my body.”
Now, seems like the kid is on the level, but maybe MLB just once should reduce the suspension of the first guy who says honestly “Yeah, I took PED’s – you have any idea how hard it is to be THAT close to the majors?”


From Marc Ragovin  “An ad in NYC for Delta Airlines has the line “We Go Wherever They Go” over a picture of the Yankees taking the field. So I called up and asked how much two tickets to the cellar would cost me.”

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