So after interminable hype, the 2016 NFL Draft began tonight. The hype for the 2017 Draft begins next week.


Just wondering, why does team with #1 draft pick need to be on the clock at all. Shouldn’t they have decided by now? ‪#‎LARams‬ ‪#‎NFLDraft2016‬


A pre-draft petition was circulating asking the Denver Broncos to bring back Tim Tebow. Well, he’d be cheap, he won’t get arrested, and the Broncos did prove they could win a Super Bowl without a QB.


Five Ohio State players picked in the first draft round. After years with Urban Meyer hope they don’t find the NFL too much of a pay cut.


@Saints had drafted ‪#‎Tunsil‬ @nflcommish Roger Goodell would have suspended the kid for the season on principle.


President Obama has invited the 1983 NC State NCAA tournament championship team to the White House for a visit. Wonder if they will play a little hoops. Although at this point those guys are almost old enough to play for the Spurs.


Congrats Paxton Lynch & his agent Leigh Steinberg for the first round pick by the Broncos. Looking like Colin Kaepernick, who remains with the 49ers, is about to discover if money can buy happiness. Because it sure won’t buy him being on a good team.

Raiders owner Mark Davis said today that he wants to move the team from Oakland to Las Vegas. Of course Roger Goodell has always claimed that the NFL is against gambling. Wonder what the odds on the move are?

Come on John Boehner, tell us how you really feel. The former Speaker during a talk at Stanford yesterday, about Ted Cruz – “I have Democrat friends and Republican friends. I get along with almost everyone, but I have never worked with a more miserable son of a b—h in my life.”

John Boehner also referred to Ted Cruz as “Lucifer in the flesh.” Lucifier demands an apology.


Caitlyn Jenner took Donald Trump up on his suggestion, used the women’s room at the Trump hotel on the west side of Manhattan, and posted a video about it on FB. The video has received about a million views. Isn’t it great to know Americans are focused on the issues that really matter?

A USA Today headline “Ted Cruz lays groundwork for last stand in California.” So this is why he chose Carly Fiorina as his potential v.p., because she is so beloved in the state?

An art teacher in Detroit claims she was fired for using the word “vagina” in talking about Georgia O’Keefe’s paintings. So, she should have used a cruder word?


Melania Trump, posting Friday about a GC artilcle about her life claimed the piece was “yet another example of the dishonest media and their disingenuous reporting. Well, and if there’s any way to make sure that a GQ article will be read…

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4 Comments on “Countdown”

  1. Billy Says:

    …and hopefully this years NFL Draft has 50 rounds so “maybe” a Michigan player might be picked? …. Touché!

  2. Marty Robinson Says:

    “Just wondering, why does team with #1 draft pick need to be on the clock at all. Shouldn’t they have decided by now?”

    I believe that the NFL told them to keep quiet so as to increase the suspense.

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