Winning isn’t everything?

New York City has an NBA store where you can get gear from all teams. Now I understand home team, and various bandwagons, and of course super stars. But buying 76ers’ stuff to wear? Shot glasses maybe.


Ben & Jerry’s is introducing a new “Bernie’s Yearning” ice cream flavor. So will it sound incredibly sweet but cost a LOT more than you expect?

The Cleveland Indians said they are keeping but downplaying their Chief Wahoo logo. Yet, another instant of Native Americans being treated like second-class citizens?



The Warriors lost on a night they committed 22 turnovers and their shooting was less magnificent than usual…. to a team from Boston. Hmm, before the game did anyone see the Patriots ball boys?

Meanwhile, the Spurs went to a team record 64th win and 39 at home.


The Spurs may end up being the best runner-up NBA team ever. But right now anyone want to second-guess LaMarcus Aldridges’s decision to turn down Los Angeles in favor of San Antonio?

President Obama says that Donald Trump “doesn’t understand foreign policy or the world in general.” The problem here might be assuming that Trump supporters think that’s a bad thing.

So after an 8 year investigation, Syracuse’s men’s basketball was banned from the 2015 postseason and coach Jim Boeheim suspended for nine games this season. The violations included violating drug testing, having others do coursework for athletes, and boosters paying thousands to athletes….

But hey, losing in the Final Four to North Carolina. Sounds like the program has really paid the price. .

Tim Tebow this week talked about potentially being interested in running for political office. And if this presidential primary season has taught us anything, it’s that Tebow could be a far less dangerous risk as an elected official as he could be a quarterback.

The Broncos and 49ers are apparently close to agreeing on a deal for Colin Kaepernick. Well, Denver has already proven they can win without a QB.-

American Idol has revealed their final three. Are we talking contestants or viewers?

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One Comment on “Winning isn’t everything?”

  1. Neal Says:

    Since this is an even-numbered year, I guess the Giants have cleared a space in their display case for the 2016 WS trophy.

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