Those were the days.

Remember the good old days when people thought California was nuts because we elected someone as flamboyant and inexperienced as Arnold Schwarzenegger? ‪#‎quaint‬


Some don’t want to vote for Hillary because they say she is a liar. But then they say they’ll vote for Trump despite the crazy things he says because he doesn’t really mean them. ‪#‎WTF‬?

But okay,  at a town hall today, Donald Trump, who has been saying abortions should be outlawed, and now he added women who have abortions should face “some form of punishment.”
Okay, Bernie and Hillary fans, still thinking of not voting for a Democrat if your candidate doesn’t win?


Donald Trump has said and then walked back his first comments that a person having an abortion should be punished.  He’s now saying those performing abortions “would be held legally responsible.”
Did Trump just remember that women are allowed to vote?

Ted Cruz is apparently leading the GOP polls in Wisconsin. Amazing for someone who even the Senator from neighboring Minnesota would say about “You’re good enough, you’re smart enough, and doggone it…. no, people DON’T like you.”


So now Trump says it’s not the woman having the abortion who would be punished, but the person performing the abortion? Uh, so the doctor, or the pharmacist prescribing the morning-after pill, a nurse who might give a woman the pill? All of them? ‪#‎secondversesameasthefirstlittlebitlouderandalittlebitworse‬

A New Orleans voodoo priest, known as Zaar, says he believes ” , that the NBA Pelicans “are jinxed, for lack of a better word. I think there’s a negative energy that keeps surrounding them.”
Hmm, might this be an explanation for what’s been happening to the 49ers since they beat the Saints in the 2012 playoffs?

Apparently Lakers rookie D’Angelo Russell secretly recorded a conversation between teammate Nick Young and himself, talking about women Young had sex with who weren’t his fiancee. And now the video has gone viral. And just think, some Lakers fans asked after that 48 point loss to the Jazz, “Can it get any worse?

A recent poll said that even 34% of DEMOCRATS want to ban Muslims from entering the country. Wonder how many of those kind people are of Italian, German, or Asian descent?

Donald Trump campaigning in Wisconsin says “we’re going to win so much we’re sick of it.” Got news for him, most of us are already sick of it.

Amazing, United has fares from SF to Chicago for about $118. And then adding “economy plus” seating adds $143. $169 for exit row. Uh, maybe people just need to start buying two seats?

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