Happy Easter!

Time to remember to get those Marshmallow ‪#‎Peeps‬ out of storage.

But also remember, love may fade.  But Marshmallow peeps are forever.


That glorious moment you’re thrilled for ‪#‎Oklahoma‬ and ‪#‎Villanova‬ in ‪#‎FinalFour‬; you didn’t know players on either team 2 weeks ago



American Airlines had to cancel a flight full of spring breakers this morning because the pilot was allegedly drunk. Now that’s getting into the spirit with your passengers.-


And we think the Warriors are dominant. UConn women since 2013, UConn’s women are 118-1. All 118 wins have been by double-digits, and their only loss was by two points in 2014 in overtime to Stanford

The ACC will make at least $40 million from the NCAA men’s basketball tournament. Which means they will be able to spend at least a few thousand on education.


So ‪#‎BuddyHield‬ definitely looking like best player in college basketball right now. Will his reward be a lateral move to ‪#‎76ers‬?

(or a downgrade to the Lakers?)

Milwaukee pitcher Will Smith tore a knee ligament and may need surgery. The injury happened while Smith was taking off his shoes in the Brewers’ clubhouse…. No joke.
SFGiants fans are wondering, if that could happen, why did it never happen to Jeremy Affleldt?


Another day, another half-dozen emails from Bernie Sanders. Can only imagine the emails if I actually ever donated to him.


Well, he didn’t do much of a job running “Right to Rise,” a Super PAC supporting Jeb Bush. But Mike Murphy has an interesting take on Trump: “He has no understanding of presidential powers. He has no understanding of Congress. It’s like putting a chimp in the driver’s seat of a tractor. He’s not going to plow the field. He’s going to drive the tractor into the lake.”

Waiting for the chimp researchers to defend their ability with a tractor?


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One Comment on “Happy Easter!”

  1. TC in BC Says:

    It’s the 100th anniversary of Ireland’s historic “Easter uprising”, which eventually led to independence from England. Here I thought it was about the Irish inventing “soda bread” until I visited there a few years ago.

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