No place like home?

Chargers chairman Dean Spanos says that the team will stay put in 2016. And while they have “an option and an agreement with the Los Angeles Rams to go to Inglewood in the next year, my focus is on San Diego.” Translation, “my new girlfriend isn’t ready for me to move in with her yet, so for now I’m staying home with you, honey.”



Clippers coach Doc Rivers on Blake Griffin’s breaking his hand in a fight with a team equipment manager “You have to forgive people at some point. I believe that. We built Richard Nixon a library,”
Waiting for someone to say ‘I knew Richard Nixon, Richard Nixon was a friend of mine, Blake, sir, is no Richard Nixon.”

Notre Dame football Brian Kelly has just signed a six-year contract extension. Which I am sure if he does well and the NFL comes calling he will take as seriously as the four-year contract he signed at Cincinnati in 2009.

(note to the uninitiated, Kelly then left Cincy for Notre Dame in December, 2009.)


Coach Jim Harbaugh, responding to criticism over three two recent high school seniors having their offers rescinded by Michigan: “It’s a meritocracy with everything we do in our program. It’s going to continue to be that.”
Showing again both why Harbaugh was so successful at Stanford and why no one tried that hard to convince him not to leave.

Carly Fiorina said last night “Listen, if my husband did what Bill Clinton did, I would have left him long ago.” Instead Carly just left her first husband to marry her second husband….. ‪#‎familyvalues

So Trump said at his anti-debate rally he was there because he had been treated badly and was standing up for his rights. Great, so that means if elected and he gets upset at other world leaders Trump will just go off and have his own summit?

Okay, really? Now there’s a lot of attention being paid to Megyn Kelly’s fake eyelashes at last night’s debate? Of course, to be fair, maybe her lashes were sourced from a relative of that furry thing that lives on Trump’s head.

Hillary Clinton said she turned her ‪#‎Snapchat‬ account over to Bill for the day. And we thought her email issue was a mistake with technology?

Chris Christie, asked about Bridgegate last night, pointed to several investigations that cleared him of wrong doing. And no doubt if elected he promises to launch another investigation on Benghazi?

Meanwhile up in Canada, PM Justin Trudeau related how his wife told him “Okay, it’s great that you’re engaged and modeling to your daughter that you want her empowered, but you need to take as much effort to talk to your sons [who are 2 and 8] about how he treats women and grow up to be a feminist, just like Dad.”
Hmm, as a break from all these 2016 U.S. candidates can we borrow Canada’s First Family?


Birth defects resulting from the Zika virus have become scary enough that in England couples are being told not to become pregnant for a month after returning from an infected country. Will the U.S. be next with warnings? Of course those who don’t believe in science can ignore them.

A 35 year-old married lawyer has been banned from all five Broward county jails after she was caught allegedly having sex with her client, an alleged murderer, in an interview room at the main jail this week. Back on your game, Florida.

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