Is it February 2 yet?

Arizona vs Carolina next week to advance to the Super Bowl. Guessing the odds on having gotten those NFL teams picked correctly at the beginning of the year were only slightly less than winning the Powerball.

And even less likely,  when it gets to Super Bowl Sunday, who’d a thunk the Cardinals-Panthers winner might actually be favored?

After Carolina took a 31-0 lead at halftime, had to think the only people still watching the Panthers-Seahawks game in the 2nd half were probably ‪#‎TCU‬ fans. ‪#‎AlamoBowl‬


Watching today’s second AFC Divisional game have to think happiest NFL fans right now are in New England. ‪#‎Howdidtheseteamsgetthisfar‬?


#‎Peyton‬ vs. ‪#‎Brady‬ for the AFC championship. Does this make January 24, 2016’s honorary Groundhog Day?

So on top of two amazing passes, the NFL playoff game between the Packers and Cardinals rode partly on a disputed coin toss, where some think the coin might have slightly favored heads? Anyone seen the Patriots’ ball boys?

Wonder how many people turned off ‪#‎GBvsAZ‬ late figuring “Well, it’s over, the ‪#‎Cardinals‬ are going to win.” And they were right.


The more I hear about “The Revenant” the more I am convinced of of two things: One, give Leonardo the Oscar already. Two, I am never, ever going to see this movie.

Apparently a flight attendant on a Ryanair flight delayed from eight hours from Glasgow told passengers they were not taking off due to ice on the wings and said “‘we don’t want to die.” This being Ryanair amazed they didn’t charge extra for the honesty.

Monday the British Parliament is actually debating whether or not to ban Donald Trump from visiting the country. Sometimes you wonder why we Americans fought so hard for independence.

A UK study says that 17 percent of British people over 50 say they drink 4 times a week. From a US perspective, ‪#‎Amateurs‬

US and Iraq authorities are reportedly searching for 3 U.S citizens who were apparently kidnapped in Baghdad, With all due respect, what were these Americans doing in Baghdad in the first place? ‪#‎deathwish‬

Last fall, a video went viral of Taco Bell executive Benjamin Golden, 32, beating his Uber driver in a drunken rage. Now Golden, upon sober reflection, is suing for $5 million, saying the recording was illegal, that the driver shouldn’t have picked up someone who was so drunk, and that since the video had so many viewers, now he, Golden has “emotional distress and anxiety” and has lost his job.
Which brings up a tough question: For douchebag of the year, who’s now the frontrunner? Benjamin or his lawyer?

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2 Comments on “Is it February 2 yet?”

  1. marc ragoviin Says:

    Just when you thought NFL refs couldn’t be more incompetent, they gave us the most screwed up coin toss since Dick York appeared n the Twilight Zone.

    (yeah, its an old reference, but the episode is classic).

  2. Mike Schwartz Says:

    I like the Ground Hog line a lot.

    So if I want to see the Revenant I should make it a boy’s night out?

    Actually i love the of foreign countries banning Trump. What I’d really love is for some other country to accept him and then for us to refuse to take him back!

    That Taco Bell exec story is *amazing*. I hope the driver sues him for every dime.

    Love, Mikey

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