A price for everything?

Ohio State star Adolphus Washington has been suspended from the Buckeyes and will not play in the Fiesta Bowl after being arrested on charges of soliciting a prostitute Wednesday night. Shocking. This guy is a potential high draft pick on a top 10 college team, and he can’t find sex for free?


Although it was close early, and Tony Parker took the entire night off, the San Antonio Spurs ended up beating the Los Angeles Lakers 109-87 on ESPN tonight. A great game for those who enjoy watching a cat playing with mice.

Urban Meyer has hired former Rutgers football coach Greg Schiano as Ohio State’s new defensive coordinator. Could be a good fit, between the two of them the coaches have over 200 wins, and sometimes it seems like almost as many former recruits and players arrested.

Ben Carson, unhappy about the idea of a brokered convention, said today ”
“If this was the beginning of a plan to subvert the will of the voters and replace it with the will of the political elite, I assure you Donald Trump will not be the only one leaving the party.”
Somewhere GOP leaders are thinking “Promise?”

Former NY Senate Majority Leader Dean Skelos is facing 130 years in prison. He was convicted today of bribery, extortion, conspiracy charges, and no doubt, “failure to recognize he was NOT in Louisiana.”

So the FBI was alerted after a small number of men together bought about 100 disposable cellphones from Wal-marts in Missouri last weekend, and as one sheriff said “it’s grounds for suspicion.” As opposed to if they had just bought some huge quantity of ammunition?


It’s mid-December and all those who were confident of winning the “Worst Food Idea of 2015” may be out of luck: In honor of the January 1, 2016 Citrus Bowl between Florida and Michigan, Buffalo Wild Wings has a limited time only sauce – Zesty Citrus – with “the bold citrus flavor of Mountain Dew infused with lemongrass and spicy red pepper-flakes.”

Meanwhile many people, including Mountain Dew fans are thinking “Citrus?  Really?”

Chris Christie has modestly improved his poll numbers nationwide to 2.5%. But a new Rutgers poll today showed that only 33% of people in his home state approve of the job Christie is doing, a new low. So maybe the reason for the little bump is people donating money in the hopes of getting their Governor out of New Jersey.



On Friday, GOP House members passed a bill to repeal a 1970 law saying that ex-Speakers of the House, including John Boehner, have the right to keep offices on Capitol Hill for up to five years after their departure, a right they have enjoyed since 1970.  Thinking somewhere Boehner is texting President Obama, “I  know how you feel, bro.”
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