So the Golden State Warriors broke the NBA record by starting 16-0, with a game against the Lakers. Of course to be fair the Warriors should have been faced with a more difficult chance -like shooting fish in a barrel.

The Golden State Warrior are now 16-0, setting a new NBA record for the start of the season. Although, really, they beat the LA Lakers. Isn’t that kind of winning the College Football Playoff against an FCS team?

How long until ‪#‎DubNation‬ fans start rooting for the Warriors to lose if only to make sure ‪#‎SteveKerr‬ when healthy gets his job back?

Really?  Carolina  DE  Frank Alexander was suspended for at least a year without pay for violating the NFL’s  “Policy and Program for Substances of Abuse.   Had the Panthers’ player not smoked pot and dealt with stress by hitting his girlfriend, he’d be back by the postseason.
ESPN reports that Marshawn Lynch apparently needs “a couple weeks to see how he does” and “to see if he can recover” from his abdomen injury, Either that or the Seattle Seahawks need to play another game against the 49ers.
Lots of media hype about how if Notre Dame beats Stanford they will get into the college football playoff. Could be a first this weekend, SEC teams rooting for the Cardinal.
Johnny Manziel has apparently lost his starting QB job in Cleveland after photos surfaced of his drinking and partying last weekend. So congratulations to all those who had November 24 in the pool.
Great, ‪#‎WWIII‬ is now trending on Twitter. Don’t suppose we could call on the Belgians again to bail us out with cat pictures.

Donald Trump got called out on his “crime statistic” tweet – “this bothered me, I gotta tell you. You tweeted out that whites killed by blacks — these were statistics you picked up from somewhere — at a rate of 81 %. And that’s totally wrong,” by BILL O’REILLY.

Yeah, another attack on the Donald by the liberal media.

The family of the boy who was arrested for bringing a homemade clock to school in Texas are now suing for $15 million. Yep, they’re 100% American all right – ‪#‎callinginthelawyers‬

Russia and Turkey have changed their FB status to “very complicated.”

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