Raise hell.



Damn, I miss Molly.

Not so many sports jokes tonight. But wonder how many heads would explode on both sides if say, a star Muslim football player made a public statement that he was pro-life, meaning anti-abortion and pro-gun control.

Will Grier, who was the University of Florida’s starting QB, has lost his NCAA PED appeal and will be suspended a full year, until the 7th game of the 2016 season. Unless Grier goes to the NFL, where such offenses mandate a serious four game suspension.

A Massachusetts woman who won $1 million in the lottery in 1996 just won $1 million again. Wouldn’t you think that a $1 million win would give you enough money not to need to play the lottery?

J.R. Smith was accused of choking a 19-year-old man who reportedly heckled the Cavs guard about his trade to Cleveland from the Knicks. And the NBA is thinking “whew, at least it wasn’t a young woman.”

Chris Christie’s United Airlines flight today from SFO to Boston was delayed almost 6 hours to remove a passenger who was turned over to police. Not as some might think, because the airline hadn’t put enough food on board.

Starbucks is trying to get a liquor license in Utah. Makes sense. For all those Mormons who don’t want anyone to see them heading into a real bar.

Jeb Bush says that Donald Trump’s anti-Muslim rants are “just wrong,” and that the Donald is “manipulating people’s angst and their fears. That’s not strength. That’s weakness,’
Forget winning the nomination, is Jeb trying to get himself kicked out of today’s GOP?



Roanoke Mayor David A. Bowers, who praised the internment of Japanese-Americans in WWII, and drew a rebuke from George Takei, today apologized, saying “No one else is to be blamed but me,” adding “I anticipated that the statement might receive some coverage in the Roanoke Valley, but I did not in any way anticipate that it would trend internationally over the Internet.”

Uh, if that last sentence is true, forget the bigotry, Bowers is too STUPID to be mayor.

And then with all that is going on in the world, this email “from” Debbie Wasserman-Schultz -“Janice, we were just getting ready to seal the Vice President’s birthday card and send it over to the White House when I noticed that your name isn’t on there yet.” Uh huh, I am sure Joe Biden will be heartbroken….. ‪#‎SMH‬

The CDC said today the E. coli outbreak affecting Chipotle Mexican Grill  has now spread to California, Minnesota, New York, Ohio. Time for some GOP candidate to talk about shutting down the Cabinet Department of Health and Human Services?

Statement of the day -“”While recognizing that security concerns must be fully addressed, we should not turn our backs on the thousands of legitimate refugees..” The statement is from the National Holocaust Memorial Museum.

A friend posted the names of California Democrats in Congress who joined the GOP in voting for that rushed bill against Syrian Refugees, even though the U.S. already had a year-long vetting process in place: Pete Aguilar , Ami Bera, Julia Brownley, Jim Costi, John Garamendi, Janice Hahn, Scott Peters, Raul Ruiz.
Well, i just reduced my future emails a bit, as I unsubscribed from the four who had me on their list. ‪#‎cowards‬


Mark Zuckerberg says he will take two months of paternity leave after his daughter is born. And Facebook does allow four months of leave for new parents. Although, unlike other FB employees, Zuckerberg doesn’t have to worry about losing his position or status during his leave.

Off-duty police subdued a masked man without injuries after he entered Apple’s flagship store in Manhattan brandishing and swinging a Samurai sword. So which GOP candidate will be the first to call for profiling Japanese?

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