Fight on

Arkansas football coach Bret Bielema, to help with strength of schedule for the playoffs, is proposing an annual “Big 12/SEC Challenge,” so that each team in the conference plays a game against the other. So meanwhile will the Pac 12 match up against the ACC or Big 12 in the “Chopped Liver Challenge?”

Police in Northern California have released a picture of a female robbery suspect. She apparently took a selfie with a stolen phone, and the photo was then uploaded to cloud storage. So we might have a winner in this week’s ‪#‎cantfixstupid‬, women’s division.

The Rockets fired coach Kevin McHale after Houston started the season 4-7. And 76ers fans are saying “Was he fired for over-achieving?”

A new Harvard study claims that people who drank 3-5 cups of coffee per day “had about a 15 percent lower [risk of premature] mortality compared to people who didn’t drink coffee.”
And presumably their significant others also had a lower risk of premature mortality after these caffeine addicts had their 3-5 cups of coffee.


President Obama, in an October 5 GQ interview that just hit the newsstands, compared himself to Aaron Rodgers. And now doubt some Packers fans are going “So it’s all YOUR fault.”

So for those looking for a break from reality, reportedly two contestants on the upcoming “The Bachelor” are twins who formerly aspired to be Dallas Cowboys’ cheerleaders. ‪#‎youcannotmakethisshitup‬


Headline ” Ben Carson is fading fast in the latest Fox News New Hampshire poll.” Did the state’s GOP just figure out Carson was stupid, or that he was black?


A 12-ft 600 lb alligator was snared at a Houston golf course today. The gator, nicknamed Chubbs, was not killed but will be relocated to live out his days at a local alligator farm. Sounds like both he and the folks who snared him might better be nicknamed “Lucky.”

(or as my friend Michael S. says, as opposed to “Gucci?”)


Sports is ultimately trivial in the grand scheme of things.  But anyone looking for a small gesture could do worse than to root for French citizen Tony Parker ‪#‎Spurs‬


Tony Romo says the Dallas Cowboys season “Is not over.”  But “you just have very little room for error.”  Is Romo aiming to be an advisor to Jeb Bush’s presidential campaign?

So the House GOP has now moved on from trying to shut the government down over Planned Parenthood, following their attempts to shut it down over Obamacare, because some now want to shut it down over Syrian refugees.

Leaving aside what liberals and moderates think is the absurdity of all this, do Republicans, who hope to take back the White House, really want to give Democrats the idea that this is the way you fight a President?

Chris Christie is slamming President Obama saying he “allowed the situation in Syria to happen, he hasn’t set up a no-fly zone that could create a safe haven for these refugees to live safely in their own country…”
And presumably Christie thinks if he were President he’d have just kept ISIS out by closing down some of Syria’s bridges?


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