Moving on 2015

So it will be Dusty Baker who will be the new manager of the Nationals. Have to think after Obama it’s “deja vu all over again.” Another black man heading to Washington to fix a mess a white man left.

The  NFL’s Tennesee Titans have fired coach Ken Whisenhunt. So sorry for those who had Jim Tomsula in the pool

So at this point with the SF 49ers would TIm Tebow actually even accept the QB job? This year’s team seems less in need of God than St. Jude.

In Ohio today, voters rejected legalizing marijuana. So  I guess the state’s residents decided that the only legal way to transcend reality in the state is to root for  the Browns

A Taco Bell spokesman has been fired after his alleged assault of an Uber driver was caught on a video cam. This I think is not what the company meant when they wanted him to promote their Doritos Locos.

In Mississippi, a Tupelo man who was unhappy the store didn’t sell Confederate flag was charged with allegedly setting off an explosive at a Walmart Sunday morning. Well, they think he set off a small bomb. Either that or it was just what the place looked like after their Halloween sale.

Notice when NFL coaches are fired the teams always say they want to move in a different direction? And then the lousy teams just keep going in the same direction.

The GOP is vowing “more bipartisanship” in Washington. Well, they could hardly vow less.

Urban Meyer said he told QB J.T. Barrett, suspended 1 game, “How do you deal with 20 years of doing right and 30 seconds of doing wrong, or three minutes, or whatever it was, That’s real life.”
Uh, first, it takes a lot more than doing wrong for 3 minutes to get a DUI and an attempted evasion of a checkpoint, second in “real life” you don’t get slapped on the wrist for doing both.

Larry Lessig announced he iis ending his bid for the Democratic Presidential nomination. And even Lincoln Chafee is going “who?”

So after the 49ers gave Colin Kapernick a seven-year $126 million contract they are now benching him. With that kind of pay to performance, wouldn’t the SF 49ers’ QB be better suited to Congress?

A man brought his 4-year old daughter to the tattoo shop he owns and let her tattoo his arm. Do I have to say – Florida? ‪#‎ifonlyheownedagunshop‬

woman is suing Nike for $1.3 million after she said she was injured during a running event where participants were not allowed to use anything but Nike equipment. Hmm, I see a whole new revenue source for lawyers with college and professional athletes.

Now Volkswagen is admitting that they also understated carbon dioxide emissions and overstated mileage on some 800.000 models. Uh, at this point would it be simpler to list what the car maker WAS honest about?

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2 Comments on “Moving on 2015”

  1. TC in BC Says:

    Colin Kaputnik and Barry Zito are now friends on FB.

  2. Bill Says:

    Yahoo! If the NCAA expands the 4 team College Football Playoff system to 17 teams…UM is in!

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