California dreaming.

So now the GOP says they won’t have any more debates on NBC. Does this mean Trump might even be sending Megyn Kelly flowers?

California Governor Jerry Brown says that Ted Cruz is “absolutely unfit” to run for the presidency due to his position on climate change. Wow. How did Jerry single out one reason.

Charles Barkley has “guaranteed” that the Knicks make the playoffs this year. Really?! Is he talking about the NBA playoffs or the NCAA men’s tournament.?

Jeb Bush says his campaign is “not on life support.” True dat. Life support requires a pulse.

The University of Louisville apologized yesterday after a picture was released of university president James Ramsey and others dressed up in Mexican ponchos and sombreros at a Halloween party. Well, at least they didn’t dress up as basketball players and prostitutes.

An email released today showed that Hillary Clinton, 68, had to ask for help to type an emoticon on her Blackberry. Said most 60 somethings “What’s an emoticon?” Said most people under 30, “What’s a Blackberry??

So now the GOP says they won’t have any more debates on NBC. Does this mean Trump might even be sending Megyn Kelly flowers?

Still controversy over whether NBC should have invited Donald Trump to host SNL this weekend. Thinking at this point what those protests are most doing is getting people to wonder what the fuss is about and thinking about tuning into SNL.

All of these GOP candidates want Americans to believe they can stand up to our enemies like Al Qaeda and ISIS. When they can’t even stand up to CNBC?

Chevron cutting up to 7,000 jobs, because their profits have fallen to only $2 billion. Some statements would be funnier if they didn’t need a punchline.

So should the real headline tonight be ‪#‎NYMets‬ again postpone NY sports fans having to come to terms with the ‪#‎Knicks‬?

Actually the after triple overtime for Oregon-ASU in a game that started at 1030pm Thursday Eastern time, following the 14 inning World Series game 1 Tuesday. Thinking a lot of East Coast sports fans are really thanks to the Mets for making Friday’s game a bit of a late blow out. And for that extra hour of sleep this weekend.
From Bill Littlejohn : ” Charles Haley has been brought in to talk to Greg Hardy.Isn’t that like bringing in Freddy Kruger to talk some sense into Jason?”
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2 Comments on “California dreaming.”

  1. Dave Somerton Says:

    Since Blackberry is a Canadian company wondering why Donald Trump isn’t claiming Hillary is taking away American jobs

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