Wanna get away?

Frontier Airlines has a “Fly For Only a Buck” sale, offering $1 flights. Now if you want to fly on the INSIDE of the plane….

Live hens running around on the Bay Bridge snarled traffic Wednesday am.  Guess it was another day where people are late to work with chicken sh*t excuses.

DWTS announced their latest lineup this morning. Guess it would be too cumbersome to title the show “Dancing with a Lot of People Who You Might Have Heard of or Who Used to be Famous?”

Regarding all these conservatives trumping “religious freedom” for that clerk in Kentucky: How would they feel if a clerk who was Buddhist or Hindu or even Christian decided that killing animals for sport was against God’s law and refused to issue hunting licenses?

The newly renamed ‪#‎Denali‬ mountain is apparently 10 feet shorter than previously measure. So clearly THIS is Obama’s fault.

Taco Bell is testing a new taco with a shell made out of fried chicken. So the shell may be the only real meat found in the taco.

Great moments in corporate America: Listening to Safeway brag over the loud speaker about opening more registers so there are never more than three in line to save YOU time during your busy day. While you are number four in the only open regular line.

In many ways it really is a shame ‪#‎KimDavis‬ didn’t marry into the ‪#‎Duggar‬ family.

Been a tough year for the SF Giants with injuries, but at least they didn’t spend $95 million on Pablo Sandoval. Who at .247 for the Boston Red Sox may not be hitting his weight. ‪#‎dodgedabullet

Dean Jones, star of “The Love Bug, “That Darn Cat,” “The Man in the Grey Flannel Suit,” and other Disney movies, has passed away. Just for remembering those movies I feel old. And learning he was 84, I feel older

Yes we are getting that stupid. Or litigious. Foster Farms sells a ready-to-cook turkey breast roast in its own oven tray.

Instructions say to pre-heat the oven to 350 degrees. Ok. Fine. And then “remove the plastic wrap on the package” and place in oven. (italics mine.)

So here’s a compromise thought on the idea of robo-umps versus the current system: Why not try making balls and strikes reviewable? With a limited number of challenges per game.

It doesn’t seem fair that a game-changing missed call at first can be overturned, while a missed call resulting in a game-changing walk or strikeout cannot be.

Dwight Howard, who was caught with a gun in his carry-on bag at Houston airport, apparently won’t face charges. So maybe we know now why as a free agent Howard chose the Rockets – a Texas team -over the Lakers or Warriors in California.

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