Once again, what’s in a name?

At a Colorado fundraiser, John Boehner reportedly called Ted Cruz a “jackass.” Prompting immediate calls for an apology. From donkeys.

Illinois football coach Tim Beckman has been accused of mishandling injuries and pressuring pressuring players to play hurt. Today the AD announced Beckman was fired for “unsettling violations of University policy and practice” which “do not reflect the culture that we wish to create in athletic programs for our young people.”

Well, that and a 12-25 record.

The University of Tennessee is suggesting that instead of “him” and “her,” etc., that students use gender neutral pronouns like “ze, hir, zir, xe, xem and xyr.”

Uh, what’s the problem with the perfectly gender-neutral “y’all?”

Now some conservatives want the National Portrait Gallery to remove the bust of Planned Parenthood founder Margaret Sanger. Right. But slave owners and killers of Native Americans are just fine.

She’s back.  Sarah Palin is attacking ESPN for suspending Curt Schilling over his tweet comparing Muslims and Nazis, and accused the network of “liberal global politics.”

Right, ESPN and “liberal global politics.” Sounds like Sarah watches the network as much as she reads newspapers.

A serious thought on the Palin-Schilling ESPN mess. Now, I know Curt Schilling is somewhere to the right of Atilla the Hun, but he’s generally honest about it. And Curt to his credit figured out pretty fast that his tweet was a bad idea, and apologized. Fine, I am okay with him coming back on air.

Sarah, on the other hand, is just doubling down on crazy. But I guess it’s been hard for her with some in the GOP 2016 field basically taking all her air time.

The CEO of Ashley Madison is resigning after it came to light that despite his earlier avowals of being a faithful husband, he used the site himself for multiple affairs. ” I am shocked,” said nobody.


RGIII has not been cleared for this weekend’s preseason game and because of concussion symptoms may not be ready for the season opener. Many Washington fans are thinking “Take your time… another four-five months of rest should do it…..”

A woman who was hit by a foul ball last year at Fenway Park is suing Boston Red owner John Henry. Wonder if the team is considering a counter suit against her for not paying attention to the game?

Florida has declared a state of emergency with the possible approach of Hurricane Erika. But no doubt Governor Rick Scott, who rails against the federal government under Obama, and has refused to accept the ACA, will do the consistent thing and reject any federal aid.

Donald Trump is now decrying “carried interest,” which he said should be taxed as ordinary income. Trump has gone after most minorities and it hasn’t hurt him, now let’s see what happens when he goes after those poor hedge fund managers.

Vin Scully has announced he will be back for his 67th season broadcasting in Los Angeles. Maybe Vin, 87, is hoping that at some point the Dodgers will treat him like a real member of the team and hand him millions of dollars for doing nothing.

An Alaska company has plans to ship as many as 10 million gallons of water a month on a tanker to California. Maybe that will offset all the water that is being bottled and shipped out of state?

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