Pahk the bid?

As the USOC deals with the fallout from losing Boston as the U.S. hope to host the 2024 games, have to ask – “who the heck thought it was a good idea to award the bid to a city with LESS public support and more organized opposition than San Francisco?” ‪#‎nottomentionthatwonderfulBostonsummerweather‬

The Houston Astros have made Taylor Swift’s move her tour date at Minute Maid Park from Oct. 13 to Sept. 9 because the team may be headed to the playoffs. Wonder how long it will take for Swift to write a bitter song about the brush-off.

Got to wonder based on preseason polls whether ballparks in Boston and San Diego are now wishing they HAD scheduled Taylor Swift concerts in October.

Last year Joe Biden compared New York’s  La Guardia Airport to a “Third World Country.”   Monday the VP just unveiled a plan to rebuild La Guardia into a “modern, unifed hub.”  Frequent travelers are wondering… is dynamite involved?

Scientists are predicting a serious El Nino year in California, with potential flooding but still not an end to the drought. So you still can’t probably take a long shower, but you might be able to take a mud bath in your backyard.

Cleveland Browns coach Mike Pettine says that Johnny Manziel will start training camp as the team’s backup QB but he could still win the starting job. Let’s hope Manziel doesn’t hear that and take off to a bar to celebrate.

SF Chronicle has a story headlined “Marissa Mayer’s radical options to save Yahoo.” Here’s a simple radical one: Fix the damn email.

Okay, I understand that Ray Rice did a very bad thing, on video. But Greg Hardy is playing, Adrian Peterson will be playing. Rice at least appears to be contrite and is doing good anti-violence work with his wife. Is the reason Rice isn’t being signed less his bad behavior than the former Ravens’ RB having lost a step or two?

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One Comment on “Pahk the bid?”

  1. tc Says:

    I saw Vin Scully on tonight’s telecast vs The A’s. It appears he’s lost his clothing allowance as he’s wearing a jacket from Value Village.

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