Easter thoughts…

Starting with Dean Martin, every bunny loves some bunny, sometime…..

And remember, love may fade, but marshmallow Peeps are forever.


While Americans eat plenty of lamb at Easter, rabbit is never on the menu. A fringe benefit of being the bearer of chocolate eggs!

An autographed Jay Cutler football received no bids at a Chicago charity auction. Well, to be fair, apparently a number of people tried but their bids could not be completed.


Lost in the sad story about all the SF cops suspended over texts that apparently targeted blacks, Mexicans, Filipinos and gay men, is the fact that one man resigned before he could be suspended. And that officer is a 23 year old veteran who is himself openly gay. ‪#‎equalopportunityasshole‬


Note to ‪#‎ESPN‬ they call it “‪#‎OpeningDay‬ for a reason. Starting the MLB season on a Sunday night is BS.


The latest SF Giants causality – occasional left-fielder Travis Ishikawa will start 2015 on the DL with an back injury. Are we sure this Bonds guy is REALLY retired?

While the new Jumbotron at Wrigley Field will be up and running tomorrow, the renovated bleachers won’t be ready for several weeks at least. So which will come first, the stadium renovation completion, or the Cubs being eliminated in 2015?

When Florida State CB P.J. Williams was arrested for DUI yesterday morning, he allegedly told the arresting officer “He played football for FSU and just wanted to go home.” So apparently no one ever told Williams they have cabs in Tallahassee?

(Points for consistency though: in November, 2014, Williams was featured in a NY Times article on preferential treatment given to Seminoles players by local police, reporting that he should have been charged with a hit and run on Oct. 5, but was given only two traffic tickets. #cantfixstupid)

Bus to hell time. A man fatally shot himself at Universal Studios, California yesterday behind the “Despicable Me” ride. Okay, if someone was going to commit suicide at a theme park didn’t most of us have it figured to be at the prospect of another turn at “It’s a Small World?”


From my funny friend Alex Kaseberg. But ever competitive, Bill and Hillary want to know why they weren’t considered for this joke.

“Antarctica reported a record high temperature of 63 degrees. That makes the coldest place in the world Bruce Jenner and Kris Jenner’s old bedroom.”

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