For those with busted NCAA brackets – World Country/Leader Brackets

This started with a Facebook post. Maybe Americans would pay more attention to world affairs if we put world leaders into brackets.

And since everyone’s brackets are busted anyway. Why not?

Jeff Klein suggests for #1 seeds, “Obviously Obama. Probably Xi Jinping of China, Putin, and maybe Angela Merkel of Germany. Merkel would probably be the #1 everyone would say shouldn’t be there.”

But hey, okay, Israel-Palestine for a hotly contested #8 vs. #9 seed.

England with a mid-level seed, feeling like they should move up. Because they expect a new royal baby player coming in off the bench.

India as a high seed facing Pakistan?

Bruce N. suggests “China would just go into “Hack-A-Barack” mode earlyon since they’ve got a deep bench.”

Trump of course would be angling for a play-in game. Etc.

Okay, anyone reading this. Have fun. And good luck with Friday’s brackets.

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