Not quite crystal?

The BCS thought the new College Football Playoff would make things more clear. And what it’s made most clear – they need at least an eight-team playoff.


The Golden State Warriors have started December with a bang, following a great October-November. The question now, how will they do during NBA playoffs crunch time  – next June. #andtheysaythebaseballseasonislong

Thousands attended a memorial for former D.C. mayor Marion Barry. Of course the real prized invitation had to be the after-pary.

Now that we’ve made it through Black Friday, Small Business Saturday, Cyber Monday, Giving Tuesday, and various extensions of all of the above, who’s going to be the first with an Early Bird After Christmas sale?

In Virginia, a high-school team football team thought they had won the 4A South Region title when they were leading 14-12 with 14 seconds left, and blocked their opponent’s field goal. Except that they started celebrating and, didn’t realize the ball was still live.

So the kicker picked it up, and walked in for a game-winning TD. Who says education isn’t important? At least as far as reading the rule book.


Okay, who thought the New Jersey Institute of Technology men’s basketball team would upset #17 Michigan. Okay, who knew NJIT HAD a men’s basketball team?

In the same vein –  Yale hit a 3-point shot with less than 2 seconds remaining to upset national champion UConn tonight. Many college basketball fans were shocked: “Yale plays basketball?”

Kendra Wilkinson said on a British reality TV show “I earned $500,000 in six months as a stripper.” Right, and I’m sure she reported it all to the IRS. Good thing they don’t read the papers.

Arizona benched both their starting and backup QBs for being ineffectual in their 13-51 loss to Oregon Friday night, finishing with a third. Who do they think they are? The ‪#‎NYJets‬?

-The US economy added 321,000 jobs last month and had the biggest gain in average hourly earnings since 2013. Yeah, I can see why all those Democrats wanted to repudiate Obama. ‪#‎sarcasm‬

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2 Comments on “Not quite crystal?”

  1. Dennis M. Says:

    I had never heard of NJIT before. But if you want to play sports, their website makes it sound appealing :…19 NCAA Division I varsity sports, along with club and intramural sports. Because of NJIT’s size, it’s easy to join a varsity team; you may even be able to play two sports.” Congrats on the win over Michigan.

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