The pain, the pain.

All these ‪#‎Ebola‬ headlines are getting Americans so nervous about their health they’re lighting up more cigarettes and pouring more drinks.

When a conference team knocks off Oregon, the national media takes it as a sign of the weakness of the Pac12, but if a conference team knocks off, say, Alabama, it is viewed as a sign of the strength of the SEC….. ‪#‎overrated‬


NY Jets QB Geno Smith was fined $12,000 by the NFL for shouting “f*ck you” at a fan after last week’s loss. Although the real obscenity this year has been the Jets play on the field.

Michigan AD Dave Brandon, about crowds gathering to demand he fire football coach Brady Hoke and resign himself says “It’s “very hurtful… It’s hurtful to me, it’s hurtful to my family.” Uh, hurtful compared to sending a young quarterback back on the field with a concussion?

Johnny Manziel says he might call Jameis Winston to give him advice on dealing with all the media attention. Well that ought to solve everything…



George W. Bush just said “I think my brother wants to be president.” That’s W., always ahead of the curve. ‪#‎whatwashisfirstclue ?

(Who knows, next W might opine that he thinks Hillary wants to be president?.)


The FCC fined Marriott $600,000 fine for jamming conference attendees’ own Wi-Fi networks at its Gaylord Opryland Resort. so that they would have to pay for the hotel’s internet. Even airlines are thinking that’s an impressive tactic.



SFGiants Nationals game 3 now scheduled for 12n or 2p on Monday. Game 4 if needed at 530p or 6p. Looking like a 24 hour virus will hit the SF Bay Area Sunday night.

Meanwhile in Detroit,  forget the Rolaids relief award. The Tigers’ bullpen is going for being named the all time Arson Squad.


Sad Story. But guess there aren’t too many math majors at ESPN. “The toxicology report shows former Tennessee Titans kicker Rob Bironas had a blood alcohol content nearly twice the legal limit for driving in Tennessee when he died in a one-vehicle crash. Testing released Friday by the Davidson County Medical Examiner’s Office shows Bironas had a blood alcohol level of 0.218 percent. Tennessee’s limit for driving under the influence is 0.08 percent



Okay, ‪#‎SFGiants‬ fans, now that we’ve all calmed down from this afternoon, who expected to hear this about a playoff game back in July? “Panik singles to center, and drives in Ishikawa, Peavy stops at third.”



Anyone in KC who started watching in ‪#‎MLB‬ 2014 postseason has to be thinking “OK, so baseball has 9 meaningless innings then sudden death?



Time should heal all wounds. But any other ‪#‎SFGiants‬ fans smiling to see another team take advantage of that short porch in Anaheim’s right field? ‪#‎ScottSpezio‬ ‪#‎2002WorldSeries‬.

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