All that glitters?

The prosecution in Bob McDonnell’s trial has rested. They said the former Viriginia Governor and his wife took over $165,000 in illegal gifts. And down in Louisiana they’re thinking “Amateurs.”


So now apparently MLB owners have elected Rob Manfred as their new commissioner. Which means Selig only has one more major task on his to-do list – how to expand the playoffs enough in 2014 to get Jeter in.

Apparently there was lot of behind the scenes drama in the voting for a new MLB commissioner.  Wonder how long it took until Bud Selig suggested “Oh, okay then, I’ll just stay on for a few more years?”

Tiger Woods says he has taken himself out of consideration for a possible Ryder Cup pick. In related news, Brett Favre has taken himself out of consideration for the Packers’ starting QB position.

(and it was almost like when I told George Clooney no. The poor man is clearly making a rebound marriage.)

A Flybe airlines flight from Birmingham to Belfast apparently made a hard landing this past February when the pilot’s prosthetic lower arm became detached just before touchdown. No one was injured. But many will say it’s a reminder that all airline pilots should be armed.

Los Angeles won again today, 6-4 over the Braves, despite an Atlanta comeback. But for SF Giants fans, a little memory of torture in the 8th inning: Brian Wilson 0.2 innings, 3 hits, 3 earned runs……Hope Dodger fans are stocking up on beer and Valium.

Oops, you think you made a stupid mistake at work: On July 30 at an Australian hospital someone faxed the wrong form to doctors and medical staff about patients who were discharged from the hospital. The forms said they had died.

The original crew of the Love Boat is reuniting to christen Princess’s new ship the Regal Princess. And presumably they’ll be singing “Love, exciting and new. Come aboard, we would have been expecting you, if we could remember who you are again…..”

Hal Steinbrenner says he is “confident” his team will make the playoffs, but that NY has “got to step it up.” But looking like the only “stepping up” the Yankees will be doing this October will be on the Stairmaster at resorts in Hawaii.



Everett Colson will be Notre Dame’s starting QB again this year. A year after what the senior was suspended for what he himself called “”poor academic judgment.” And in the SEC players are asking “what’s academic judgment?”



At New Jersey’s Six Flags Great Adventure, a Iraq war veteran says he was turned away for wearing a shirt supporting the Marine Reconnaissance Foundation. The shirt reads “Keep Calm and Return Fire” and has a picture of a red, white and blue M-16 rifle (He was told to take the shirt off or cover it, and declined.) Maybe if he wanted to wear a picture of a gun the guy should have gone to a Six Flags in Florida or Texas?

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3 Comments on “All that glitters?”

  1. marc ragovin Says:

    MLB Headline: Manfred The Man (yeah, I know, i deserve to be flogged)

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