Go fourth!

Happy (now belated) Fourth of July. There are many things wrong with the USA. And we might disagree in both what they are on how and how to fix them. But hey, we can at least have an open discussion on Facebook without getting arrested or killing each other. And that’s one thing that’s very right about the USA.

We may be out of the World Cup, but at least American dominance in our national sport is alive and well. Joey Chesnut won his 8th straight Nathan’s eating championship. USA! USA! USA!

The Oakland A’s have apparently acquired Jeff Samardzija from the Cubs. Which means Samardzija is going to the only home stadium in MLB with more antiquated plumbing than Wrigley Field.

Meanwhile, across the bay, these days #SFGiants get behind 2 to 0 and it feels like they have as much chance as a #WorldCup team down 2 to 0 in stoppage team.

Johnny Damon last played in MLB in 2012, but he wants to come back. “When you feel you can still outhit at least half the league and you don’t get that call, it’s rough.” Half the league? Maybe not, though these days he might be able to outhit the #SFGIants.

In the town of Rifle (no joke) Colorado, many of the waitresses at Shooters Grill wear holstered guns while they work. Bet they don’t get stiffed much on tips.

Brazil’s star forward Neymar is out of the #WorldCup after suffering a broken vertebra in today’s game against Colombia. Absolutely shocking. A soccer player falling down because he was actually hurt?

Yes. I often post about dumb men. But just to prove that stupidity is not tied to gender, a Peruvian gal has married Joran van der Sloot. Who is suspected in the murder of Natalee Holloway and currently in prison for killing another woman.

Until and unless the #SFGiants offense starts showing up again Kruk and Kuip should be barred from saying “the big hitters are coming up”

Joey Chesnut proposed to his girlfriend before today’s Nathan’s eating contest. Makes sense, because do you really want to hug someone hard after you’ve eaten 61 hot dogs?

In Florida, Republicans have managed to get the “Charlie Crist for Florida” stickers off a NASCAR car competing in the Coke Zero 400 Saturday, claiming the value of the stickers exceeds the “in-kind” donation limits. Of course, in GOP eyes, “Governor Rick Scott” decals would have probably fallen under the category of protected free speech.

All this drama regarding the NBA free agent market. Anyone but me think it might be just a bit overblown since teams won’t be playing meaningful games until teams start playing meaningful games in next April’s playoffs?

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One Comment on “Go fourth!”

  1. Neal Says:

    Until and unless the #SFGiants offense starts showing up again Kruk and Kuip should be barred from saying “the big hitters are coming up”

    Brandon Belt to the rescue! At least on Saturday.

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