Should they have grown beards?

The question of the night in New England. WWGB? Who will Giselle blame?


Since I’m already on the bus to hell as far as SF 49ers fans are concerned in rooting for the New Orleans Saints, let’s take it one step further. Would love to see Archie Manning’s son win another ring and then retire. #Geauxsaintsandtheirchildren

Written during the 49ers-Seahawks game:  With the possibility of teams from Colorado and Washington in the Super Bowl will the NFL ask security to check not only for illegal liquids…?

Vladimir Putin is pledging that athletes and visitors in Sochi will be safe during the Olympics. But what is he supposed to say? “Come at your own risk?”

Eight players were ejected after a brawl two SECONDS into the Vancouver Canucks-Calgary Flames game Saturday. Is this the NHL’s way of trying to make sure the NFL doesn’t get all the attention this weekend on Sportscenter?

Just when you think the U.S. has cornered the P.C. market, Haribo, the maker of Gummy Bears etc, has stopped selling some of its “Skipper Mix” liquorice in Sweden and Denmark because of complaints they were racist- the candies in question were shaped like ethnic masks that looked like primitive African, Asian or Native American art.

United Airlines plans to furlough 688 flight attendants. And you thought it was hard getting on a drink on a plane before.

My sister informs me that United has reduced their complimentary beer offering in the clubs to Coors Light on tap. Served in 10-oz glasses. On an up note nobody is going to be getting drunk on complimentary beer — they would be too busy rushing to the bathroom to pee.

(but have to wonder, will there be a bathroom fee?)

Richard Tisei, a Republican former state senator running for Congress in Massachusetts, says the GOP must do more to change the perception that “we’re the party that wants to deny people their rights and interfere with their personal lives.” Well, one step might be to stop BEING the party that tries to deny people their rights and interfere with their personal lives.

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2 Comments on “Should they have grown beards?”

  1. With teams from Colorado and Washington in the Super Bowl, apparently they’re resurrecting the “Weed Eater” Bowl.

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