Once again, the Barely Credible System

Hard to believe not so long ago that there were college football fans who thought the bowl system was so messed up that the BCS could only be an improvement….

Friday night, 10-1 Nevada did their part to murky the waters by upsetting Boise State in overtime, 34-31.

This after an earlier in the season 52-31 drubbing of Cal.

So why aren’t the Wolfpack themselves in the BCS title hunt? One earlier season loss on the road, in Honolulu to Hawaii.  (Can’t imagine any of the players were too distracted there….)

In any case, maybe the Pac 10, soon to be Pac 12, should have considerd Nevada before they made an offer to the Colorado Buffaloes (who this year are 5-6, including a 7-52 loss to those same Cal Bears.)

Many football fans think teams like Boise State and Nevada and TCU shouldn’t be eligible for the National Championship because they play in weak conferences with consequently weaker schedules. But by that token no team should be Super Bowl eligible coming out of the NFC West.

Ohio State president took on teams like Boise State and TCU in a media battle…..saying that the Buckeyes don’t play “the Little Sisters of the Poor.”

Possibly not, but the Little Sisters of the Poor might be favored in a matchup with Eastern Michigan, who Ohio State did select to fill an opening on their schedule.  (And beat 73-20.)

Meanwhile, in the first half of their game against Notre Dame today, Cal scored 5. Yes, FIVE.  And no, it wasn’t a field goal and a safety. This was basketball. Most embarrassing thing to happen to the Golden Bears since last week’s football game against Stanford.

Danny McDevitt died this week at the age of 78.  He was probably best known for being the last  Dodger pitcher to win a game in Brooklyn at Ebbets Field.   Apparently at his funeral his family hopes to have him eulogized by the game’s losing pitcher, Jamie Moyer.

On the Tonight Show, Jay Leno pushed Cher for her opinion on the Tea Party.  And she finally stated she thought they were “f**king nuts.”

But lets be fair, with Bristol Palin’s new campaign, maybe some of them are becoming “abstinent nuts.”

From the very funny Cam Hutchinson of the Saskatoon Star Phoenix:   “The bat Kirk Gibson  used to hit his legendary home run in the 1988 World Series sold at auction for $575,000. Meanwhile, the one Vladimir Guerrero used in the 2010 World Series sold at auction for firewood.

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One Comment on “Once again, the Barely Credible System”

  1. Gary Morton Says:

    Earlier this week, I picked up volume one of the just-released Mark Twain autobiography, and experienced my first literary groin injury.
    Had I been in character, I might have afforded several neighborhood kids with the opportunity of lifting it for me.
    Suppose Ohio State’s president was at their game today, watching his school’s team run the gantlet against the Little Sisters of the Upper Middle Class?

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