A couple basketball and commie pinko thoughts…

What’s more surprising to most college basketball fans? To find out that Butler has made it to the Final Four to play in their home town of Indianapolis? Or to learn that Butler is actually in the state of Indiana, much less Indianapolis?

Bob Huggins, coach of Final Four-bound West Virginia, was the longtime coach at Cincinnati before he was forced out over issues involving a DUI and an abysmal graduation rate. Just how abysmal? He is coaching about as many players who will graduate from Cincinnati today as when he was coaching the Bearcats.

Meanwhile, on the women’s side, Stanford beat Georgia 73-36, and it wasn’t that close, while Connecticut puts their 74 game win-streak on the line Sunday against Iowa State.

Many fans are hoping for a Stanford-Connecticut final. In the meantime, most of the other games involving these two top seeds are most evocative of a old classic match-up -Christians vs. Lions.

Another in the – “there is no satire” department. Sarah Paln travelled to Nevada today to lead another anti-healthcare anti government rally today. No mention of the fact that her grandson Tripp, because of a trace of Indian heritage, receives fully government paid healthcare in Alaska.

I’m also waiting for the first Tea Party bus to really uphold their principles, and drive between rallies without using any of those commie-pinko interstate highways.

A top Marine Corp officer said that he would not want other Marines to have to live with someone homosexual, so while normally two are housed to a room, he would want new barracks built so gays could have their own singles. Which means that probably over half the Marines now will declare themselves out of the closet.

Got to love it, folks like Diana Reimer, 67, who was profiled in in the NY Times as a Tea Party leader. She quit her job and living on Medicare and Social Security, (which she says she has earned,) so she can spread an anti-government message full time. She has stated: “Even if I wanted to stop, I just can’t,” Even Toyota says “That’s out of control.”

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2 Comments on “A couple basketball and commie pinko thoughts…”

  1. Freddie Says:

    If she’s living on S.S. & Medicare, she DID earn it. It is not welfare. She paid into and is now getting some back. This kind of misinformation needs to stop.

  2. left coast sports babe Says:

    Actually Freddie, the earning isn’t the point. Although a 67 year old woman, based on average life expectancies, will probably take a LOT more out of social security and medicare than she paid in. The point is, they are government administered programs. The same as this new healthcare will eventually be. Is the bill perfect, no? is it better than the current situation, yes? And I am waiting for the first person WITHOUT healthcare insurance to claim that they will be worse of than they are now.

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