Not-so-happy hour…

That’s how NCAA bubble teams felt about selection Sunday when they found out their names weren’t on the list.

But really, for teams like Illinois, Mississippi State, Virginia Tech, etc., I have two comments:

First, realistically the last teams in are the first teams out. So it’s not like the committee deprived any of these schools of a real chance to win the tournament.

And second, unlike in football where colleges routinely get hosed by the BCS, there’s a simple way to avoid being snubbed by the NCAA tournament – WIN MORE GAMES.

The NCAA is considering expanding their men’s basketball tournament to 96 teams to increase television revenue. Well heck, why not just let all Division 1 teams in and call it March, April and May Madness?

For the women’s tournament, anyone else want to just see Stanford and Connecticut play best out of about ten games and forget the other 62 teams?

SF Mayor Gavin Newsom, wants to appoint a regular Muni rider to Municipal Transportation Agency’s Board of Directors. Sounds good in theory, but how would that person ever make it on time to meetings.

As healthcare reform may be getting closer to final passage, wonder if Rush Limbaugh has thought about this while he packs? Costa Rica has a socialized healthcare system.

Due to an injury, soccer will be missing one of its biggest stars this year in the World Cup. Guess at the age of 34, it’s no longer easy for even David Beckham to “Mend it like Beckham”

R.I.P Peter Graves. Perhaps the only man in the world who could have gotten away with making pedophile jokes funny – “Joey, do you like movies about gladiators? Joey, have you ever been in a Turkish Prision, Joey have you ever seen a grown man naked?”

Will Graves’ tombstone read “Captain Oveur, over?”

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