The BCS and other hoaxes..

The Saints beat the Giants 48 to 27. New York hasn’t been shocked by that much scoring since the Letterman scandal broke.

A Colorado sheriff now says the whole “Balloon Boy” incident was a hoax. Apparently the final straw was hearing that the parents were writing a book about the story with Clifford Irving.

But okay, a boy accidentally getting into a balloon and floating away. Seems reasonably plausible. The Oakland Raiders beating the Philadelphia Eagles? Now that’s got to be a hoax.

Actually, in his defense, Richard Heene, Falcon’s father, said he was preparing the balloon to help defend the country against the coming Martian attack on Halloween.

The whole incident does illustrate one important lesson. When planning a conspiracy, it is best not to rely on the discretion of a six year old.

Many in Washington are disappointed that despite some economic recovery, unemployment numbers are still high. On the bright side, those numbers may soon include Jim Zorn.

Am not completely sure why the NFL rejected Rush Limbaugh as a potential owner for the St. Louis Rams. After all his insensitive remarks, can you think of a better expensive punishment?

One bit of good news in Toronto. The Maple Leafs 0-6-1 start has pushed the Argonauts off the front page.

(translation for American readers, the Canadian Football League Toronto Argonauts do have 3 wins, but have a stranglehold on the title “Worst team in the league.”

After the Cincinnati Bearcats trounced #21 South Florida, and have face two top 25 teams on their remaining schedule, they actually have a potential RPI (Rating Percentage Index) high enough to give them a legitimate claim at the BCS championship game should they win out.

Which explains, why behind closed doors at headquarters, BCS now stands for “Beat Cincinnati, SOMEONE.”

USC was disappointed to be ranked 7th in the first BCS poll, despite being 4th in both other polls. Hate to give the BCS any credit, but come on..The Trojans lost to the 3-3 Washington Huskies, and barely beat unranked Notre Dame. And they haven’t played Stanford yet!

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2 Comments on “The BCS and other hoaxes..”

  1. Marc Ragovin Says:

    After watching the NY Giants get smoked by the first real good team they have played all year, Balloon Boy said “and I’m the fraud?”

  2. Marc Ragovin Says:

    In a promising sign of bipartisanship, Democratic and Republican negotiators have agreed to a provision in the health care bill that empowers President Obama to pull the plug on Jim Zorn

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