Beyond the NBA finals.

After another disappointing performance in game five, perhaps it’s time for the Orlando Magic to question whether it was the best idea to name themselves after a Mickey Mouse organization?

The only negative for Lakers fans about tonight’s game.  The realization that until next year’s pre-season starts, they’re done watching their team play. Fortunately that’s only a few weeks away.

Actually living in Los Angeles without pro basketball?  Now Lakers fans have something in common with Clippers fans.


The Iraqi Presidential election is barely over and already there are allegations of the results being rigged and/or counted illegally.  Who says we’re not making progress in exporting U.S. style democracy?

GM’s latest television ad says “We’re not going out of business. We’re getting down to business.”   One question, if true, wouldn’t it have been smarter to do that BEFORE they ended up in Chapter 11?


Connecticut basketball coach Jim Calhoun, 67, is out of the hospital, a day after breaking five ribs when he fell during a 50 mile bike race.  He actually rode the last 16 miles of the race after the fall, but then collapsed.  Maybe it’s time for coach Calhoun to realize he’s not 57 any more?

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