In charge

San Antonio Spurs were down 29-16 after 1st quarter. Don’t know what Gregg Popovich said to them during the break, but they are up 47 to 39 at half. Darn shame Popovich has no interest in running for Governor of Texas.

Kansas and Virginia now out of their respective men’s basketball tournaments due to positive virus tests. So in this year’s March Madness brackets will there be a way to bet on COVID-19?

NCAA football rules committee is looking into the problem of teams faking injuries to slow an opponent’s momentum , calling it an “integrity issue.” This is the same NCAA that uses the term football student-athletes with a straight face.,

Stephen Colbert asks Dr. Fauci what changed on January 20? And the good doctor’s answer? “Everything.”

Let’s make it simple: Democrats don’t want to cancel culture. Republicans do want to cancel votes.

As someone who’s always kind of thought Andrew Cuomo was an a**hole but an effective a**hole, I have to ask… what’s the rush to judgment? Do an investigation and figure it out. Meanwhile, how’s that E. Jean Carroll RAPE lawsuit coming along?

Does anyone think if the Former Guy were still in charge that vaccines would be allocated at least in large part based on which states voted for him?

Is there a single Republican calling on Cuomo to resign who did the same with the #FormerGuy?

Who else forgot it was possible to go an entire day without checking what POTUS tweeted? Isn’t it nice?

Small detail today, but President Joe Biden correctly used the word “paradigm” his speech today and apparently pronounced it correctly too. I wasn’t 100% sure of how to pronounce “paradigm” myself.

President Biden’s Thursday speech was about 20 minutes long. And Friday he made short remarks in the Rose Garden. And I didn’t hear him insult anybody. Did I miss something?

Not just times have changed, but time itself has changed. A year ago “Fifteen days to stop the spread” felt like forever. Now the idea of semi-normal by July 4 seems right around the corner.

Here’s my optimistic thought. Yes, making all Americans eligible by May 1 seems like reach. But President Biden is not a stupid man. And he remembers “Read my lips, no new taxes.” Figure Joe’s seen vaccine production numbers to make goal of “shots for everyone” very attainable.

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