Trading places?

MLB trade deadline eve. When depending how players feel about their teams, a late-night phone call will be as welcome as a call from their latest crush or their ex?



Not sure who will benefit more by trade of Yasiel Puig to Indians and Trevor Bauer to Reds. But at least neither team needs to fire their anger management counselor.


Ouch, I know a lot of fans think they have worst bullpen in baseball. But this from ESPN – “The Cubs are the only team in baseball to hold a lead in all their games since the all-star break but they’re just 9-7 in those contests, including a 2-1 loss to St. Louis on Tuesday.”

Governor Gavin Newsom just signed a law requiring presidential candidates to release tax returns in order to have their name on California ballot.
Well, this ought to get a mature and dignified response from Donald Trump.

Focusing on 15 second answers to tough questions is part of how we got President Trump.

Picking a President based on 15 second answers makes as much sense as picking a spouse based on a half-dozen dates.

Amy Klobuchar mentions 6-year-old Gilroy shooting victim Stephen Romero’s name in her very limited Democratic Debate time.  More than Trump has done in probably 200 tweets since the shooting.

Actually crickets now from Trump on mentioning names of any Gilroy victims, all young people of color. So I guess you only get to be an “Angel Mom” if you’re white and your child is killed by an immigrant?

“It is time to stop worrying about what the Republicans say.” Pete Buttigieg.   He is right, Trump probably already has the “crazy socialists” fundraising email ready.

So Trump decided not to tweet tonight and had Donnie Jr do it for him – “I think Marianne Williamson is actually winning this thing.” Maybe Jr. is not willing to concede to Eric the title of “dumbest son.”

Seriously this all does feel a bit like the first rounds of American Idol/The Voice or Bachelor/Bachelorette. Just too many people really to focus in on a favorite.

At least Admiral Stockdale had the grace to say “who am I, why I am here?”

I am seriously tired of white men shouting tonight.

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