By a nose?


Max Scherzer was doing casual batting practice in a t-shirt, sunglasses and shorts, when he bunted a ball off his face and broke his nose.
So just for one day, the most embarrassing thing to happen to the Washington Nationals pitching staff did not involve their bullpen.

ESPN condemned LaVar Ball for a risque and “inappropriate” comment made to First Take host Molly Qerim Rose yesterday.
But why does ESPN have LaVar Ball on at all?

Seriously? A hotel in Boston has a $25 facility fee (since they can’t call it a “resort fee.” One of the things included “Quick and easy e-checkout via the guestroom TV.”
Uh, so you are paying extra not to wait in line to talk to a human?

Federal authorities seized about 16.5 TONS of cocaine from ship at the Packer Marine Terminal in Philadelphia, one of the largest drug busts in the state’s history.  So clearly walls work. No wait.  A ship.  Never mind.


Mitch McConnell today – “We’ve tried to deal with our original sin of slavery by fighting a civil war, by passing landmark civil rights legislation. We elected an African American president.”
Uh, sorry, electing Obama didn’t make up for slavery. For that matter, electing McConnell doesn’t make up for what we’ve done to the population of sea turtles.

GOP loves to attack Democrats for “socialism.” But what exactly do they call a $16 billion giveaway to farmers because of tariffs?


Trump knew about domestic violence allegations against Shanahan but didn’t consider them important. And acting Defense Secretary had made his views known about USS John McCain a couple weeks ago. So what was the tipping point. Did Shanahan cough in a meeting?

Wonder how many of the people who took the day to stand in line for Trump’s rally in Orlando and scream about Democrats and socialism are themselves on Medicare/Medicaid, disability and/or social security?

Trump won 37.5% of Orange County in Florida, where Orlando is located. Recent poll showed his approval rating in the city at 29%. And that was before thousands of people got stuck in traffic today and/or had their flights delayed due to Air Force One arrival.

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