Changing seasons

Long NBA season is finally over. So presume the preseason starts next week?

Well played Jeremy Lin, well played. Jeremy Lin
On Twitter. @JLin7

“Having lived in Toronto last 4 months, Ive seen by far more @DeMar_DeRozan jerseys than anyone else. Dont rly know Demar personally but the positive impact he had is so obvious. Hope he gets credit for laying the foundation and paving the way! #thankyouDemar”

It’s 100 degrees in Las Vegas, and in some sportsbooks Lakers are favorites to win 2020 NBA championship.
Need any more proof that excessive heat can cause brain damage?

Thinking back, of the Golden State Warriors, wasn’t Steph Curry supposed to be the fragile one who was one step away from a season-ending injury?

Tiger Woods has, barely, made the cut for U.S. Open. So maybe everything Trump touches doesn’t die. But Woods after his medal is certainly drooping a bit.

Watching Will Smith play for SF is bittersweet. Best closer Giants have had in years…. and they almost certainly need to trade him.

Noticing some people say they won’t watch a Democratic Debate until the field gets winnowed down. Uh, the debates ARE a large part of how the field gets winnowed down.
If you don’t watch, even if on tape-delay, don’t bitch about the choices you end up with.

Trump wants to change Air Force One to look like his private plane even though baby blue was “Jackie O.” He add “We have a new Jackie O. It’s called Melania.”
Well, calling his wife “It” should remove any worries that Trump objectifies women.

Also, I was a very young child at the time, guess that’s why I don’t remember Jackie O posing naked?

Trump just called into Fox News over his statement that of course he’d take foreign dirt on a opponent ” now saying he would “look at it (to determine) if it’s bad.”
“if I thought anything was incorrect or badly stated I’d report to the FBI or law enforcement, absolutely.”
I liked “pushed into a lifeboat better.”

Also Trump now saying his former White House counsel Don McGahn lied about Donald repeatedly telling him to fire Mueller.
Amazing again, just how many people have to be lying for Trump to be telling the truth.

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