As the clock winds down

Great effort to start by Trailblazers, but when you score 3 points in the last 4 1/2 minutes you don’t beat many teams, let alone the Warriors.

Portland’s Damian Lillard, on the last steal by Andre Iguodala before Lillard could get off a potential game-tying 3. “For me as the offensive player, I felt like it was contact. There was a lot of contact. But obviously, the ref is not going to decide the game or jump in at that point. You know, so … good defensive play.”
Had that same play involved James Harden he might still be bitching, or Rockets might have filed protest with league office.


Some think Zion Williamson is upset not to be a Knick next year.   Let’s see, he could have ended up in the most insane 24-7 media market with a clusterf*ck franchise.  But  he now gets warmer winters in a friendlier cheaper town, with great food, that will adore him but leave him alone when he wants.  Thinking Zion is feeling just fine.
(and winners can sell shoes anywhere.)

Local officials in Florida say Trump administration is planning to release “hundreds of asylum-seeking migrants caught along the southern border into Broward and Palm Beach counties, with no apparent plan to house, feed or care for them.

Maybe the new residents can open  taco trucks near Mar-A-Lago?  Secret-service agents stuck in the area might welcome some decent food.


Taco Bell is creating a hotel in Palm Springs. No details yet. But presumably with at least branded toilet paper.

Wonder if new federal judge Wendy Vitter’s husband “Diaper David” Vitter of Louisiana always used condoms when he regularly patronized the “DC Madam’s” prostitution ring. And wonder how many of the women he paid for their services had abortions?

Apparently Trump first thought of giving his immigration speech in NY, but opted for a friendlier Rose Garden crowd. Original venue? – the opening of the Statue of Liberty museum. Irony, your table is ready.

Trump plan would let “immigrants with no job offers or specific skills to work in U.S. if they can demonstrate English proficiency & educational attainment & pass a civics exam.” Would that Donald had those standards for his own administration.

If you’re a former wife, girlfriend or mistress of a GOP legislator and you are disgusted because he supported or even urged your having an abortion, now would be an EXCELLENT time to come forward.

But what’s next for the GOP, outlawing coat hangers?

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One Comment on “As the clock winds down”

  1. Marc Ragovin Says:

    So now the SAT is going to have an adversity score in recognition of students’ socioeconomic status. Translation: your parents can only afford to bribe a guy to get you into a state school

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