That’s the way the ping pong ball bounces?

So if there WAS a conspiracy to help New York Knicks get #1 draft pick this year, appears that the Knicks ran that conspiracy as well as they generally run their franchise.


As a Saints fan I am happy for the New Orleans Pelicans in NBA draft.   But is this enough karmic payback for NFC Championship game? Hell no.


Los Angeles Lakers jumped up to 4th pick in NBA draft. But Lakers had #2 pick in 2015, 2016, and 2017. And still ended up in this year’s lottery.
By comparison, San Antonio Spurs last lottery pick. 1997. A guy named Tim Duncan. Haven’t missed the playoffs since.


Giants tried getting on the “opener” bandwagon today against the Blue Jays. (An “opener” is starting a pitcher with the plan that he will only go one inning.)  Nick Vincent gave up three runs in the first.  Can we hope this means they are off the wagon?


SF Giants pitcher giving up first major league home run to Vladimir Guerrero Jr, is almost a badge of honor. Giving up first major league hit to Toronto Blue Jays pitcher Trent Thorton… not so much.


So just wondering, if any of Alabama’s college football players get a woman pregnant, will they be charged as accessories to murder if she aborts the fetus?

How many of us would boycott Alabama after tonight if we had had any reason to go there in the first place?

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis says Russian hackers breached voter systems in 2 counties in 2016, but no vote totals were actually affected. And why should we doubt ANYTHING a Florida Governor says about an election?

You know how you see someone’s name trending and think “Oh, please, I hope they haven’t died.” is not one of those someones.

Does anyone really think Donald Trump  could explain tariffs well enough even to get a “C” in an undergraduate economics course?


I am pro-choice even when I don’t agree with another woman’s choice. But find myself thinking – maybe let’s bring Roe vs Wade before the Supreme Court ASAP. Maybe it will wake up some GOP and independent women who vote for lower taxes because they think their healthcare rights are safe.

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