Stollen moments


Okay, since being down 8-0 and coming back wasn’t enough of a challenge, today SF Giants in first inning ended up down 4-0 on three consecutive pitches from Jeff Samardzija, and won 6-5.  Fun, but probably not a season long winning strategy.


Worst thing about SF Giants visit to launching pad known as Cincinnati’x Great American Ballpark? Madison Bumgarner hasn’t, and probably won’t, had a chance to hit?

This quote is from 2017, but how do you read it and not root for Damian Lillard? “Pressure, nah.this is just playing ball. Pressure is the homeless man, who doesn’t know where his next meal is coming from. Pressure is the single mom, who is trying to scuffle and pay her rent.”
“We get paid a lot of money to play a game. Don’t get me wrong ― there are challenges. But to call it pressure is almost an insult to regular people.”

Not just manager Alex Cora, but apparently several other members of World Series Champion Red Sox will skip White House visit. Will their excuse be they can’t eat cold greasy fast food.?

So we have gone from “Ich bin ein Berliner” (literally “I am a jelly doughnut,” to having a President now be “Stollen?”

But if Trump wants to insist Democrats have ” stollen two years of my (our) Presidency ,” whatever does he mean?  That they have iced it?   Hard to imagine they could have added more  nuts?


Robert Mueller has set tentative date to testify before House Judiciary Committee of May 15. Hoping he has engaged a food taster until then.


Trump email of the day references his upcoming fundraising dinner in New Orleans.
Wonder if anyone has told him that city of New Orleans voted 80.% for Hillary Clinton.

And half expected Trump to tweet “Happy Fifth of May?”. Because this is America and we should speak English.

So Trump has time for nonstop Twitter retweeting rant against his enemies, & even time to redo his “Stollen” rant. But no time to honor hero Riley Howell.   If only UNCC killer were an immigrant.

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2 Comments on “Stollen moments”

  1. marc ragovin Says:

    I’m not saying the Mets are bad, but the only way they are winning the division is if the Nats, Phils, Braves, and Marlins veer out of their lanes

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