Moving on?

NFL will forgo usual opening-night matchup in which Super Bowl winner hosts Thursday Night Football, and instead open with Packers-Bears.
Is this league’s way of admitting Saints were robbed?

Gronkowski’s agent said today Rob “is still a very young man. It wouldn’t shock me if he has a change of heart” on retirement.
“The first time is the hardest” responded Brett Favre.


Rainy sixth inning of a 1-0 Spring Training. Monday night game between SF Giants and Oakland As….. And everyone left in the stands should get a free baseball or something. All ten of them.

NY Mets, after finishing Florida Spring Training, chose to have final preseason workouts in Syracuse, where they have new Triple-A affiliate. Noah Syndergaard & others were not amused; thinking it would be much easier on team to return to New York City before Thurs. opener in DC against Nationals.
It’s below freezing in Syracuse, team plane is delayed several hours, and won’t arrive until midnight.
This could be most Mets way to start a season ever.



Anheuser-Busch and MillerCoors have both donated about 100,000 cans of drinking water to flooded communities in Iowa and Nebraska. Good for them. But Must. Not. Make. Bud. Light. And. Coors. Light. Jokes.

Yale has rescinded admission of a student whose family paid $1.2 million to get her in. Wonder if they get their money back.

Gosh, Fox News website even finds room for poisonous baby toads story in Florida but isn’t covering Trump administration now trying to strike down ALL the Affordable Care Act. Guess it’s not like Republicans have pre-existing conditions?

Let’s be VERY clear here. GOP and Trump administration are trying to outlaw abortion as early as 6 weeks, before a woman might know she is pregnant, as well as in cases where the fetus has no chance to survive more than a few days.
But as to pre-natal care, or ICU costs for a severely-disabled dying baby, well, then we’re on our own.
Once again, pro-life my ass.

Your reminder, nobody claimed Richard Nixon burglarized Watergate himself; the House voted to impeach for obstruction of justice, abuse of power, and contempt of Congress.

So a President, a lawyer and a porn star walk into a bar. And the porn star is the only one who isn’t a punch line.

Talking about the Mueller Report when we’ve only seen the Barr Letter is like reviewing a movie when you’ve only seen the trailer!

MLK -“The arc of the moral universe is long, but it bends towards justice.” I believe that, but can it shorten up a little now?

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One Comment on “Moving on?”

  1. Chad Picasner Says:

    Re Noah Syndegaard and the Syracuse trip: Is this the gods way of saying – Shut UP!

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