Ju$t $ay No.

Mark Cuban, owner of Dallas Mavericks and known for “Shark Tank”, says again he might run for President but “It really would take the exact right set of circumstances”
Another billionaire reality-star? How about the circumstances being “hell freezes over.”

On opening day SF Giants will pay tribute to former CEO Peter Magowan, who passed away earlier this year. But in his honor did current CEO Larry Baer have to try to commit career suicide?

Forget making the playoffs, at this point  LeBron James and Lakers may have to struggle to finish ahead of the …. Pelicans?!!!.

(Almost as if Los Angeles is getting some karmic payback from New Orleans.)



At the White House Trump Monday served North Dakota State FCS football champion team Big Macs from McDonald’s and Chick-fil-A. So is this really a ploy for him to stockpile a secret supply of fast-food?

But seriously, has anyone told Donald that teams full of players who eat nothing but cheap fast food aren’t the teams who’ll be bringing championship trophies to the White House?

Former acting AG Matthew Whitaker abruptly left Justice Department this weekend. So was there a bullet he wouldn’t take for Trump. Or has he been offered a job at Fox News?

Since Trump is ordering an “A+” response from FEMA for Alabama, would he care to tell us what grade response he ordered for Puerto Rico and California?

So has Trump announced when he is heading down to Alabama to throw beautiful paper towels?


Today’s Trump fundraising email.  (somehow I got added to the list with my work email…)
“My team handed me a list of all patriots who entered to have breakfast with me and I noticed your name was MISSING.
With my extremely busy schedule, I normally don’t even have time for breakfast. But, when my team told me that one lucky American Patriot would be there, I knew I had to make the time.”

Okay, forget lies about money and Russia and porn stars, does anyone seriously believe Trump has missed a meal in his life?

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One Comment on “Ju$t $ay No.”

  1. Donald Sherman Says:

    Several news outlets have reported that since Trump has been in office, no female champion teams have visited the White House.

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