Did he kneel?

Tim Tebow is engaged. So guess he’s finally been completing his passes.


Two-years, $20 million for Jed Lowrie, 34, with Mets. Nice deal. And maybe at his age Lowrie is tired of dealing with playoff pressure?

Congratulations to Gregg Popovich, now #3 on all-time NBA coaching wins list.  The Spurs this year have EIGHT new players on their roster and no real point guard. It is just possible Pop is GOAT coach.

And 56 points from Lamarcus Aldridge and an NBA record 84% (16-19) on 3-pointers, and 154 points in double OT.  Just like everyone expected for the second game of a back-to-back.


Unidentified person reportedly decapitated by a helicopter at a small Florida airport. The local sheriff called it “a “very serious aircraft accident.”
I think I prefer- a serious Darwin winner.

Iowa GOP Rep Steve King -“White nationalist, white supremacist… how did that language become offensive?”
But hey, a Democratic woman Rep. called Trump a “motherf*cker” and another woman danced. #priorities


Someone registered officialsecuretheborderfund.com

Worth a click.

If Donald Trump wants to prove Democrats are lying about meetings why doesn’t he just televise all meetings he has with them?



So the Stable Genius who knows everything about everything also claims he had no idea what his personal lawyer and campaign manager were doing?

Lindsey Graham says “We’re stuck, I don’t see a way forward” about this shutdown.
Uh, Senator, how about passing the SAME bill you passed in December, which the Democrats have passed in January?


A police officer was shot and critically injured in Davis tonight. No comment from Donald Trump – and no doubt there won’t be. Unless it turns out shooter was undocumented.

Trump fundraiser of the day:
“Look at just a few examples of what the Liberal Elites had to say about the Presidential Address:
Jim Acosta: “Trump address hazardous to the truth.”
Jimmy Kimmel: “Rarely does a president of the United States interrupt primetime television to warn us about a completely made up thing.”
Chuck Schumer: “This president just used the backdrop of the Oval Office to manufacture a crisis.”

Now look at what hard-working American patriots like you said:
Jackie from Georgia: “Mr President. I back you 1000%.”
Grace from Colorado: “I love you Sir!! You are such a blessing to our Country and I cannot thank you enough! I pray for you every day! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!”
Ed from Michigan: “Great explanation on the the southern border keep it up God bless you sir.””

Wonder if Jackie, Grace and Ed are names he gives those voices in his head?

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