And here comes the Sun (Bowl)

Stanford vs. Pittsburgh in El Paso, Dec 31….. where at least Cardinal will no longer carry the weight of an entire conference on their shoulders…. because.


Washington State and thus the Pac 12 actually won a bowl game. Just when conference was finally about to get regular offers to play SEC teams.

Watching MusicCityBowl with Auburn and Purdue and knowing Boilermakers were  the team that beat Ohio State…. well, it does not strengthen Buckeyes’ contention that they should be in CFB playoff


Teddy Bridgewater starting for New Orleans at QB on Sunday. One argument for Drew Brees as  NFL MVP might be having done such a good job he AND many other starters can rest week 17.

Tigers are a 12.5 point favorite on Saturday, but apparently most betting money for CFB Playoff game between Clemson and Notre Dame is coming in on the Fighting Irish.

Will winning bettors be required to donate some of their profits to Notre Dame. #TouchdownJesus

Question of the week, what are more meaningless in December?  Most college football bowl games, or most NBA “regular season games?”

Today’s fundraising email to me said President Trump “was SHOCKED to see that your name was missing from the list of Official Build The Wall Members.”

Well, if Trump really were shocked we’d have even more ammunition for 25th amendment.

Just wondering, could we get Donald Trump put federal money towards eradicating dangerous diseases if we told him the viruses came into the country illegally?

Trump now says he will stay in DC and miss his New Year’s Eve bash at Mar-A-Lago.    But okay, let’s be logical here — all the VERY expensive tickets have been sold that guarantee access to the President.

So choice here is, go down to see the few people he actually likes in January or February when shutdown is over, or stay home, avoid the rich donors he tolerates,  plus the germs he fears, and blame it on the Democrats….

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